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    01.19.10 Professor Gerald Shargel in Wall Street Journal
    Gerald Shargel

    Professor Gerald Shargel was featured on the Wall Street Journal Law Blog for his article "Haiti's Lawless Streets" in the online magazine The Daily Beast. In the post, he illustrates Haiti's legal system and how it both affected and was affected by the earthquake that hit the country on January 12. In addition to the widespread devastation of buildings and infrastructure, many reports of crime and violence are emerging. Looting and even graverobbing is occurring. About 4,000 inmates have escaped from the nation's largest prison, the Penitentier National. Professor Shargel suggests serious solutions in stabilizing Haiti before its criminal-justice system can be attended to, including rebuilding the economy and raising the standard of living for all citizens.

    Professor Shargel is Brooklyn Law School's Practitioner-in-Residence. This spring, he is teaching Criminal Law: Current Events.

    Read the full article in the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

    Read Professor Shargel's full post on The Daily Beast.