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    01.06.10 Alum Joshua Bauchner Quoted in the New York Times
    Joshua Bauchner, class of 2001, was quoted in the New York Times about the demographic shift in Harlem that has happened over the past decade. The historically black neighborhood has seen rising numbers of Hispanic residents, as well as white residents, whose population has not been this high since before the 1940s. This change has brought about discussions of whether it is truly gentrification occurring in Harlem. Bauchner, the only white member of Community Board 10 in central Harlem, told the Times, “There’s a lot of new housing to allow people to come into the area without displacing people there. In Manhattan, there are only so many directions you can go. North to Harlem is one of the last options.” Bauchner is an associate at Kasowitz Benson Torres & Friedman LLP.

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