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    12.17.09 AALS President Cites Professor Schneider‘s Work as of “Critical Value” to Education and Legal Culture
    Elizabeth Schneider

    December 17, 2009 – The President of the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) praised Brooklyn Law School Professor Elizabeth M. Schneider’s work as “critical not only for its value to education, but for helping to transform legal culture” in her President’s Message in the latest issue of AALS News.

    In the article, “Transformative Teaching: From the Classroom to the Culture,” President Rachel F. Moran asserts, “Schneider has been a leading light in applying feminist theory to the legal interests of women.  As detailed in her 2000 book on domestic violence, she has focused on changing how courts, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and other actors view the role and the rights of victims of domestic violence.  She has mentored students who have made their own marks in the profession, such as Professor Cheryl Hanna of Vermont Law School, who has since become her collaborator, along with two other professors, on a casebook on Domestic Violence and the Law. Professor Hanna will be joining Professor Schneider on the panel to discuss the role and importance of mentoring in academic lives.”

    The article continues, “… Schneider's work highlights the importance not merely of changing her students by sparking their interest in an underdeveloped field of inquiry, but of changing the environment in which they will operate professionally.  Her work enables judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys to perceive fully the interests of women, particularly victims of violence.  This contribution is critical not only for its value to education, but for helping to transform legal culture.”

    Schneider will speak at the AALS conference in New Orleans on January 8 on the Presidential Panel on Transformative Teaching and Institution-Building and will make opening remarks to launch the AALS Committe on Curriculum Issues Program, "Teaching Beyond the Appellate Opinion" on January 9. Several other BLS faculty members will be presenting and moderating panels. They include:

    • Anita Bernstein will moderate and speak at the panel, “Engaging Faculty: Using Pro Bono to Teach Doctrine and Skills.”
    • Robin Effron will moderate the panel, “Civil Pleading Standards after Iqbal, at the Federalist Society Conference, Wyndham Hotel.
    • Liz Schneider will be a speaker on the Presidential Program II – “Transformative Teaching and Institution-Building.”
    • Miriam Baer will present “Cooperation’s Costs” at the Young Scholars Paper Presentations session of the Federalist Society Conference.
    • Jason Mazzone will present “When the Supreme Court is Not Supreme” at the same session.
      Nelson Tebbe will moderate the panel, “Nonbelievers and the First Amendment” sponsored by the Law and Religion section.

      Read the AALS President’s Message