Fall 2013

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After the Fall: The Rising Need for Compliance Lawyers in a Post-Financial Crisis World
In this post-Financial Crisis world, compliance is on the minds of just about every congress person, regulator, lawyer, and financial service professional. The entire financial sector is retooling their compliance programs to meet the evolving demands of a variety of federal, state, and even international regulators. The result has been an increased demand for lawyers to interpret the array of new laws and regulations as well as implement them.… Read More

Mission Possible: How BLS is Transforming Legal Education
Recent years have seen a dramatic transformation of the legal profession. For law schools, this new era has prompted a reexamination of conventional principles. It’s no longer enough to offer three years of legal theory in a classroom governed by the Socratic method. To address these monumental changes, and become a leader of a new paradigm of legal education, Brooklyn Law School has created several new initiatives.… Read More

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