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Current Issue : Spring 2010



Denise Menikheim Faltischek '00 and Kenneth Faltischek '00

So the two met for a drink at the Heights Café in December 2000. In February 2003, Kenny bought a car from a friend in Los Angeles. The couple planned to fly to L.A. to pick it up and then take the cross-country drive back home together. They not only survived the trip (in a Mini-Cooper no less), but Kenny proposed at sunrise after an early morning hike in the Grand Canyon. Denise and Kenny were married in November 2003, and have two children: Ava, who is three and a half, and Lily, who is two.

While their lives have been entwined, their careers have also taken curiously parallel paths. Denise spent five years at Ruskin Moscou before moving joining The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., a leading natural and organic food and personal care products company in North America and Europe. As General Counsel, she oversees the legal affairs of the company and manages its legal department, including SEC compliance and mergers and acqui¬sitions. Kenny began his career at Rosenman and Colin where he worked as a corporate associate doing M&A and securities work. In 2002, he joined Sandata Technologies, the largest provider of technology services to the home healthcare industry. He became General Counsel in 2004 and was promoted to Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel in 2010.

Both find working as in-house counsel very satisfying. “I work on incredibly diverse matters, from acquisitions to employment law, and there is great exposure to the business side,” said Kenny. Denise agrees. “I do enjoy being in-house,” she said. “It is great being part of a company whose mission I believe in and being able to work as a law¬yer while helping to achieve that mission.”

Like the other six couples profiled in this story, the Faltischek’s lives together began at Brooklyn Law School. Since leaving the cocoon of BLS, all of the couples featured in this story have thrived in their marriages and excelled in their professional endeavors. Whether fate or luck, it’s a recipe for happiness and success that we hope will continue for generations to come.

Editor's Note

When we started researching this story on alumni who met at BLS and married, we were completely unprepared for the incredible number of wonderful love stories we would discover. We were inundated with stories of couples who met at the Law School, and who have remained together over the years, raising families, and sending their children off to BLS as well. We also discovered that there are many other alumni couples who met before or after Law School.

Unfortunately we could not print the com¬plete list of all of these couples, but we plan to have a comprehensive list online in a new alumni section of our site. We have compiled an expanded list of all BLS who married (whether they met at the Law School or someplace else) so that we can share some of the other poignant stories of BLS Mergers & Acquisitions, and we hope to keep adding to it as we learn of more.

We are also planning a Valentine’s Day party this February for these alumni to come together and celebrate their alma mater/dating service.

Please visit our Alumni section to read more and to stay connected.

Kasper Sorensen ’05
Jennifer A. White ’05

James M. Attonito ’06
Mekhala (Subramanian) Attonito ’06

Peter Beardsley ’06
Rachel J. (Hollrah) Beadsley ’06

Michael G. Freedman ’06♥
Rebecca A. Craemer ’06

Adam S. Greene ’06
Susan L. Greene ’08

Gabriel P. Harvis ’06
Haley J. (Eppler) Harvis ’06

Gregg A. Pinto ’06
Allison C. Voetsch ’06

Andrew K. Rafalaf ’06
Penney Vachiraprapun ’05

Brian P. Spitser ’06
Lauren N. Slusser ’06

Joshua S. Trauner ’06
Jessica J. Craig-Trauner ’00

Max V. Weisman ’06
Naomi L. Kantrowitz ’05

Steven J. Auletta ’07
Emily L. (Orfinger) Auletta ’06

Michael Blatchley ’07♥
Bindu Krishnasamy ’07

Philip S. Frank ’07
Kathrine M. (Borowiecki) Frank ’07

Adam M. Jaskowiak ’07
Julie E. Dechen ’07

David M. Knapp ’07
Lucrecia Z. Ponce ’07

Adam M. Lubow ’07
Sarah A. Siegel ’07

Mark C. Taylor ’07
Stephanie B. Morin ’06

Brian W. Disler ’08
Marjan (Foruzani) Disler ’08

Eugene A. Drozdetski ’08
Heather F. Stone ’08

Peter J. Scoolidge ’08♥
Margaret A. Radzik ’07

Casey R. Kroma ’09
Tatiana R. Zebrowski ’09

Thomas C. Kung ’09
Elizabeth C. Towell ’09

Jonathan A. Selkowe ’09♥
Rebecca E. Sendker ’08

H. Adeniyi Taiwo ’09♥
Jennifer L. Fisher ’08

* = Deceased
♥ = Engaged