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Current Issue : Spring 2010



Meeka Jun Bondy '94 and Joseph A. Bondy '94

I was expecting it.” Joe, with ring in pocket, took Meeka to Sparks Steakhouse. “I chose Sparks because I was really interested in criminal law, and it was where the Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano had been gunned down. When I got down on my knee we both just started to laugh. It was pretty funny.”

Meeka and Joe were married in September 1997. While raising three children, they have each thrived professionally, becoming accom¬plished lawyers in their respective fields. Joe, who nourished a love of criminal work at the Law School, is now considered among the top criminal defense lawyers in the city. He credits the Federal Defender’s Clinic as a life-changing experience that solidified his desire to become a criminal defense attorney. In fact, while at the Clinic, he befriended a few high-profile defense lawyers who took him on as their paralegal. With them, he began to work on the jet bombing case involving Pablo Escobar and spent 41 days in Colombia, investigating the allegations.

After law school, Joe attended the National Criminal Defense College in Macon, Georgia, which is the benchmark training school for the criminal defense bar. While there, he met Robert Fogelnest, the internationally prominent criminal defense attorney who was the President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Joe ended up renting a suite in Fogelnest’s office in 1996 and there he began to build an impressive solo criminal defense practice. The two shared offices for several years on and off and Fogelnest became one of Joe’s most valued mentors. Joe has repre¬sented several high-profile clients including Strip Club impresario Louis Posner, “Mafia Cop” Louis Eppolito, fugitive hedge fund manager Michael Berger, alleged Gambino Crime Family Boss Peter Gotti, and his former Scout Master (Joe is an Eagle Scout) in a highly publicized pedophilia case. He has secured numerous acquittals, reversals and reduced sentences through the years. Joe also fre¬quently lectures to bar associations and attorneys on a variety of criminal law subjects. He is a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense lawyers, a former director of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and has served on the faculties of the National Criminal Defense College and the New York City Bar, and is currently on the faculty of Cardozo Law School’s Intensive Trial Advocacy Program. He writes and publishes a public service newsletter on federal sentencing guidelines, and maintains the website

Meeka, who is now Vice President and Senior Counsel at HBO, started off at Brown Raysman as an associate in the licensing and technology group before moving in house at Time Inc. where she worked for the company’s new media information technology and business 2.0 groups. Her move to HBO in 2004 was preceded by a two-year stint at Time Warner Interactive Video Group where she acted as General Counsel for Mystro TV, a start up group funded by Time Warner with a mandate to develop and commercialize a digital video recorder (what is now known as On-Demand Television). At HBO, Meeka runs three client groups: domestic and international licensing; information technol¬ogy; and corporate services (everything from real estate contracts to employee amenities). She is also active in her children’s lives, as is Joe, who plays the guitar twice a week at his kids’ sing-along classes. “That is more important than anything I do,” Joe said. “I am very proud of my kids.”

Denise Menikheim Faltischek ’00 and Kenneth Faltischek '00

Sometimes love takes its sweet time to bloom. Denise Menikheim and Kenny Faltischek spent three years at the law school together without more than a second thought. They poured over the same books, studied at the same library desks, ate in the same cafeteria, and walked the same Brooklyn streets to homes just a few blocks apart. One afternoon, a heavy rain soaked the city, and Denise was heading home from class without an umbrella. Kenny, who had a large golf umbrella big enough for two, offered to walk her home. “It was not only three blocks out of my way,” he recalled. “It was all up hill, too!” But nothing ever came of it. “She was always taken,” said Kenny. It was not until after they graduated, when Denise took a job at Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, the Long Island firm where Kenny’s father was managing partner, that the two finally got to know each other.

At Ruskin, Denise soon found herself immersed not only in corporate and securities work but in regular phone calls from her former classmate, Kenny, who began calling to see how she was doing at his father’s firm. “As the months went by, we formed a friendship over the phone,” Denise recalled. “Soon, he asked whether I’d like have a drink.” While she was interested, she was not sure it was such a good idea.

“I was concerned about getting involved with the managing partner’s son,” she recalled. “I thought it would impact my career at the law she was right.”

Brian Yoon ’01
Euisun Pyun ’00

Richard H. Abend ’02
Alison (Ginsberg) Abend ’01

Kenneth J. Anand ’02
Safia A. (Nurbhai) Anand ’02

James T. Bentley ’02
Marianna C. Sarkis Bentley ’02

Bryan M. Konoski ’02
Kira Treyvus ’02

Robert F. LeMoine ’02
Melinda (Eades) LeMoine ’01

Anthony J. Novella ’02
Deirdre M. Lok ’03

Kiat M. Oboler ’02
Kara A. (Paxton) Oboler ’02

Mark F. Parise ’02
Jessica S. (Blatt) Parise ’02

Justin H. Cohen ’03
Anna A. (Goldstein) Cohen ’03

Ronald J. Goldstein ’03
Alicia E. (Camron) Goldstein’03

Jeremy B. Hazan ’03
Rachel H. Brecher ’03

Michael D. Kim ’03
Cindy S. (Chae) Kim ’04

Eric S. Malinowski ’03
Jennifer C. (Plotkin) Malinowski ’03

Nicholas J. Minella ’03
Emily J. Thompson ’04

Bryan C. Bughman ’04
Skye S. Phillips ’05

Casimir W. Cook ’04
Deanna (Pisoni) Cook

John J. Rizio-Hamilton ’04
Marji Molavi ’04

Ross E. Elfand ’05
Gabrielle Puchalsky Elfand ’05

James T. Killelea ’05
Erin E. McMurray-Killelea ’05

Nicholas M. Lucca ’05
Heather A. (Gallagher) Lucca ’04

Matthew C. McCann ’05
Melissa J. (Gosdzinski) McCann ’05

Jamal Murphy ’05♥
Monique Gallien ’05

Damon T. Osborne ’05
Elizabeth (Lemanowicz) Osborne ’06

Paul B. Reinitz ’05
Gabrielle Glemann ’06

Matthew V. Soran ’05
Marissa (Ceglian) Soran ’05

* = Deceased
♥ = Engaged