• Articles:

    Onlookers Tell an Extraordinary Entity What to Do: “Restatement of…” Symposium Introduction
    Anita Bernstein

    The Time Has Come for a Restatement of Child Sex Abuse
    Marci A. Hamilton

    A Restatement of Health Care Law
    David Orentlicher

    A Restatement of Copyright Law as More Independent and Stable Treatise
    Ann Bartow

    A Prolegomenon to Any FutureRestatement of Privacy
    Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

    Restating Childhood
    Susan Frelich Appleton

    The Judicialization of Politics: The Challenge of the ALI Principles of Election Law Project
    Steven F. Huefner & Edward B. Foley

    Religion and the Restatements
    Ian Bartrum

    The Economics of the Restatement and of the Common Law
    Keith N. Hylton

    The Restatement of Gay(?)
    Courtney G. Joslin & Lawrence C. Levine

    Why There Should Be No Restatement of Environmental Law
    Dan Tarlock

    Why Restate the Bundle?: The Disintegration of the Restatement of Property
    Thomas W. Merrill & Henry E. Smith

    The Almost-Restatement of Income Tax of 1954: When Tax Giants Roamed the Earth
    Lawrence Zelenak

    Is It Time for a Restatement of Statutory Interpretation?
    Lawrence M. Solan

    Restatement of Place
    Mae Kuykendall

    Law Reform Agenda as ALI Approaches Its Centennial: “Restatement of…” Symposium Afterward
    Lance Liebman

  • Notes:

    Undercutting Employee Mobility: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act in the Trade Secret Context
    Glenn R. Schieck

    Giving Local Municipalities the Power to Affect the National Securities Market: Why the Use of Eminent Domain to Take Mortgages Should Be Subject to Greater Regulation
    Leanne M. Welds

    Discretionary Reform: Prosecutorial Discretion as the Only Effective Immigration Reform in Today’s Polarized Congress
    Paola Uriarte

    Toward a Reconceived Legislative Intent behind the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: The Public-Safety Rationale for Prohibiting Bribery Abroad
    Upton Au

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