• Articles:

    Venture Capital and Preferred Stock
    Charles R. Korsmo

    Personal Delegations
    Alexander A. Boni-Saenz

    The Drones Are Coming! Will the Fourth Amendment Stop Their Threat to Our Privacy?
    Robert Molko

    Establishing an Island of Patent Sanity
    Oskar Liivak

    Do Sexually Violent Predator Laws Violate Double Jeopardy or Substantive Due Process? An Empirical
    Tamara Rice Lave & Justin McCrary

    Transitive Counterparty Risk and Financial Contracts
    Manuel A. Utset

  • Notes:

    Resolving the Threat of Ambiguity by Defining a Threat to Violate the Fourth Amendment under Kentucky v. King
    Christopher LoGalbo

    Transformative Use and Comment on the Original: Threats to Appropriation in Contemporary Visual Art
    Caroline L. McEneaney

    Substance over Form: Corporate Liability Under the Alien Tort Statute
    Mark Nixdorf

    Like a Good Neighbor: A State Farm Solution to the FCC’s Net Neutrality Limbo
    Daniel J. Wityk

    Greece & the Odious Debt Doctrine
    Evelyn D’Angelo

    Reasonable Provocation: Distinguishing the Vigilant from the Vigilante in Self-Defense Law
    John D. Moore

    The Importance of Being Earned: How Abatement After Death Collaterally Harms Insurers, Families, and Society at Large
    Sabrina Margret Bierer

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