• Articles:

    The Great and Mighty Tax Law: How the Roberts Court Has Reduced Constitutional Scrutiny of Taxes and Tax Expenditures
    Linda Sugin

    Beyond Blood and Borders: Finding Meaning in Birthright Citizenship
    D. Carolina Núñez

    Harmonizing the Affordable Care Act with the Three Main National Systems for Healthcare Quality Improvement: The Tort, Licensure, and Hospital Peer Review Hearing Systems
    Katharine Van Tassel

    Software Patents and/or Software Development
    Wendy Seltzer

  • Notes:

    “Why the Fuss?”: Stern v. Marshall and the Supreme Court’s Understanding of Bankruptcy Court Jurisdiction
    Joshua C. Gerber

    Applying Sustainable Land Use Development Studies to Sustainable Agriculture: Are the Conditions Ripe for a Successful Movement Toward Sustainable Agriculture?
    Jullee Kim

    No Means No . . . Sometimes: Developments in Postpenetration Rape Law and the Need for Legislative Action
    Sarah O. Parker

    When Vultures Attack: Balancing the Right to Immunity Against Reckless Sovereigns
    Martin F. Schubert

    The Leadership Act and Its Policy Requirement: Changing Laws, Not Reality
    Ami S. Watkin

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