• Articles:

    Righting Others’ Wrongs: A Critical Look at Clawbacks in Madoff-Type Ponzi Schemes and Other Frauds
    Amy J. Sepinwall

    Rescuing Dignitary Torts from the Constitution
    Cristina Carmody Tilley

  • Notes:

    Giving Battered Immigrant Fiancées a Way Out of Abusive Relationships: Proposed Amendments to the Immigration and Nationality Act
    Adam B. Horowitz

    Softwood Lumber’s “Termite” Problem: Why the Extension of the 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement Is Right for Softwood Lumber but Wrong for the Multilateral Trading System
    K. Craig Reilly

    Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch: How Multiple Pregnancies Are Endangering the Right to Abortion
    Priyanka Shivakumar

    “Only Dust Remains[?]”: The 9/11 Memorial Litigation and the Reach of Quasi-Property Rights 
    Patrick J. Mulqueen

    Protecting Combating Inaccuracies in Criminal Background Checks by Giving Meaning to the Fair Credit Reporting Act
    Noam Weiss

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