• Articles:

    Equity and Efficiency in Intellectual Property Taxation
    Xuan-Thao Nguyen
    Jeffrey A. Maine

    To Be or Not to Be Both CEO and Board Chair
    Thuy-Nga T.

    Daubert and its Discontents
    Ronald J. Allen Esfand Nafisi

    The Promissory Character of Adequate Assurances of Performance
    Michael J. Borden

    Why Dicta Becomes Holding and Why it Matters
    Judith M. Stinson

  • Notes:

    Leave It on the Field: Too Expansive an Approach to Evaluating Title IX Compliance in Biediger v. Quinnipiac University?
    Carolyn Davis

    The British Importation of American Corporate Compliance
    Jessica Naima Djilani

    Uncharted Waters: The Private Sector’s Fight Against Piracy on the High Seas
    Michael G. Scavelli

    Policing the Policing of Intersex Bodies: Softening the Lines in Title IX Athletic Programs
    Laura A. Zaccone

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