• Symposium: A Cross-Disciplinary Look At Scientific Truth: What's The Law To Do?

    The Uneasy Relationship Between Science and Law: An Essay and Introduction
    Margaret A. Berger
    Lawrence M. Solan

    Science, Intersubjective Validity, and Judicial Legitimacy 
    Richard B. Katskee

    Revisiting the History of Scientific Expert Testimony
    Tal Golan 

    Truth, Epidemiology, and General Causation
    Douglas L. Weed

    Causation, Truth, and the Law
    Richard Scheines

    Of Truth, in Science and in Law
    Susan Haack

    Expert Evidence, Partisanship, and Epistemic Competence
    Jennifer L. Mnookin

    Getting to the Truth: Grounding Incomplete Knowledge
    Frank C. Keil

    On the Conceptual and the Empirical: A Critique of John Mikhail’s Cognitivism
    Dennis Patterson

    Scientific Realism in Constitutional Law
    David L. Faigman

    Afterword: The Discovery of Truth in Context: Comments on Faigman, Katskee, and Keil
    Sam Glucksberg

  • Notes:

    Other People’s Money: Drawing the Constitutional Line Between the Right to Counsel and Constraints on Obstructive Fee Advancement in the Wake of United States v. Stein
    Jonathan Bashi

    Why Federal Preemption Is Necessary to Create Uniform Professional Boxer Safety Standards
    J. Bradley Clair

    They Won’t Come Knocking No More: Hudson v. Michigan and the Demise of the Knock-and-Announce Rule
    Jessica M. Weitzman

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