• Articles:

    Terror on the High Seas: The Trade and Development Implications of U.S. National Security Meaures
    Marjorie Florestal

    Compensation Representatives: A Prudent Solution to Excessive CEO PayLawton W. Hawkins


    Confrontation Under the Marian Statutes: A Response to Professor Davies
    Robert Kry

    Revisiting the Fictional Originalism in Crawford's "Cross-Examination Rule": A Reply to Mr. Kry
    Thomas Y. Davies

    The Seventh Annual Media and Society Lecture:

    Protecting the American Playwright
    John Weidman

  • Notes:

    State and Local Law Enforcement Response to Undocumented Immigrants: Can We Make the Rules, Too?
    Michael J. Almonte

    Voluntary Surgical Castration of Sex Offenders: Waiving the Eighth Amendment Protection from Cruel and Unusual Punishment
    Lystra Batchoo

    Expanding the Rights of Recording Artists: An Argument to Repeal Section 2855(b) of the California Labor Code
    Tracy C. Gardner

    Preserving the Border Search Doctrine in a Digital World: Reproducing Electronic Evidence at the Border
    Kelly A. Gilmore

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