• Articles:

    Pink, White, and Blue: Class Assumptions in the Judicial Interpretations of Title VII Hostile Environment Sex Harassment
    Rebecca K. Lee

    Decretal Language: Last Words of an Appellate Opinion
    Hon. Jon O. Newman

    Some Kind of Religious Freedom: National Prohibition and the Volstead Act’s Exemption for the Religious Use of Wine
    Michael deHaven Newsom

    The Biter Bit: Unknowable Dangers, the Third Restatement, and the Reinstatement of Liability without Fault
    Ellen Wertheimer

    A Fictional Tale of Unintended Consequences: A Response to Professor Wertheimer
    James A. Henderson, Jr.
    Aaron D. Twerski 

  • Notes:

    Not As Bad As We Thought: The Legacy of Geier v. American Honda Motor Company in Product Liability Preemption
    Mason A. Barney

    Applying Atkins v. Virginia to Capital Defendants with Severe Mental Illness
    Laurie T. Izutsu

    Spoliation of Evidence: Proposals for New York State
    James T. Killelea

    NAACP v. AcuSport: A Call for Change to Public Nuisance Law
    Megan O’Keefe
    The Future of Innovation: Trade Secrets, Property Rights, and Protectionism — an Age-Old Tale
    Michael P. Simpson

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