• Symposium: Responsibility & Blame: Psychological & Legal Perspectives

    Lawrence M. Solan

    The Psychology of Condemnation: Underlying Emotions and their Symbolic Expression in Condemning and Shaming
    Sharon Lamb

    Emotions, Risk Perceptions and Blaming in 9/11 Cases
    Neal R. Feigenson

    Cognitive Foundations of The Impulse to Blame
    Lawrence M. Solan

    The Fall and Rise of Blame in American Tort Law
    Anthony J. Sebok

    Misunderstanding Ability, Misallocating Responsibility
    Jeffrey J. Rachlinski

    Whiplash: Who’s to Blame?
    Valerie P. Hans
    Juliet Dee

  • Symbolism and Incommensurability in Civil Sanctioning: Decision Makers as Goal Managers
    Jennifer K. Robbennolt
    John M. Darley
    Robert J. MacCoun

    Shame: Bergman on Responsibility and Blame
    Leonard V. Kaplan

    Not Enough Blame to Go Around: Reflections on Requiring Purposeful Government Conduct
    Susan Bandes


    The Widening of the Atlantic: Extradition Practices Between The United States and Europe
    Kyle M. Medley

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