• The Second Circuit Review: 2000-2001 Term


    Not Quite High Noon for Gunmakers, But It’s Coming: Why Hamilton Still Means Negligence Liability in Their Future
    Daniel L. Feldman

    Making a Federal Case Out of It: Section 1981 and At-Will Employment
    Joanna L. Grossman

    Taking Subrogation Seriously: The Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tobacco Litigation Reconsidered
    Mark C. Weber

  • Edward v. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship Symposium: Road Blocks to Justice: Congressional Stripping of Federal Court Jurisdiction

    Eve Cary

    An “Effective Death Penalty”? AEDPA and Error Detection in Capital Cases
    James S. Liebman

    The Prison Litigation Reform Act: The New Face of Court Stripping
    John Boston

    The 1996 Immigration Legislation and the Assault on the Courts
    Lee Gelernt


    A Second Look at Clearing Firm Liability
    Daphna Abrams

    When Two Worlds Collide: Examining the Second Circuit’s Reasoning in Admitting Evidence of Civil Settlements in Criminal Trials
    Todd W. Blanche

    The Future of Computer Software in the Reverse Engineering War: Excessive Protection v. Innovation
    Barbara J. Vining

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