• Symposium: DNA: Lessons From the Past - Problems for the Future

    Margaret Berger
    Bailey Kuklin

    Keynote Address: Beyond the Genome
    Joshua Lederberg
    Fingerprint Evidence in an Age of DNA Profiling 
    Jennifer L. Mnookin
    Seeing and Believing: Images of Heredity in Biological Theories of Crime
    Nicole Hahn Rafter
    Commentary: Lessons From the Past For the Genetic Future
    Simon A. Cole
    The Tipping Point in the Law’s Use of Science: The Epidemic of Scientific Sophistication That Began With DNA Profiling and Toxic Torts
    David L. Faigman
    Legal and Policy Issues in Expanding The Scope of Law Enforcement DNA Data Banks
    Mark A. Rothstein
    Sandra Carnahan

    Commentary: Two Fallacies About DNA Data Banks For Law Enforcement
    David H. Kaye
    Evolutionary Analysis in Law: Some Objections Considered
    Owen D. Jones
    The Gene Patenting Controversy: A Convergence of Law, Economic Interests, and Ethics
    Daniel J. Kevles
    Ari Berkowitz

  • Essay:

    The Future of DNA Testing and Law Enforcement
    Charlotte J. Word
    Dorothy Nelkin


    What About My Right to Privacy? Where the Court Went Wrong in Ferguson v. City of Charleston
    Erin F. Barton

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