• The Jury in the Twenty-First Century: An Interdisciplinary Conference

    Susan N. Herman
    Lawrence M. Solan


    Emotions in Jurors’ Decisions
    Reid Hastie

    How Jurors Decide on Death: Guilt is Overwhelming; Aggravation Requires Death; and Mitigation is No Excuse
    Ursula Bentele
    William J. Bowers

    Juries and Expert Evidence
    Neil Vidmar
    Shari Seidman Diamond

    “Language-Qualifying” Juries to Exclude Bilingual Speakers
    Marina Hsieh

  • Jury Nullification: Legal and Psychological Perspectives
    Irwin A. Horowitz
    Norbert L. Kerr
    Keith E. Niedermeier

    Musings on the Jury System: Reverence and Respect
    Hon. Andre M. Davis

    Juries and Technology: Equipping Jurors for the Twenty-First Century
    Nancy S. Marder


    Choice of Law and the Right to Publicity: Domicile as an Essential First Step

    We’re All Winners: Game Theory, The Adjusted Winner Procedure and Property Division at Divorce

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