• Articles:

    Are Retail Investors Better off Today?
    Barbara Black
    Paradigm Shift: Federal Securities Regulation in the New Millennium
    Steven M. Davidoff

    The Tyranny of the Multitude is a Multiplied Tyranny: Is the United States Financial Regulatory Structure Undermining U.S. Competitiveness?
    Elizabeth F. Brown

    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Ethical Corporate Climates: What the Media Reports; What the General Public Knows
    Cheryl L. Wade

  • Notes:

    Harmonizing U.S. Securities and Futures Regulations
    Richard Carlucci

    The Shield of “Unintended Consequences”: Analyzing Venture Capital’s Defense Against Increased Carried Interest Taxation
    Andrew Kirkpatrick

    Buyer Beware: Temporary Certificates of Occupancy & the Need for Consumer Protection in the New York City Real Estate Market
    Seth Pruss

    Free the Net
    Jordan Wellington

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