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The Law School publishes four student-edited law journals: The Brooklyn Law Review, Brooklyn Journal of International Law, The Journal of Law and Policy, and The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law. Journals such as these provide the intellectual backbone of the nation’s legal profession and are widely read by jurists, practitioners and scholars.

The journals provide an excellent opportunity for students to develop and refine their legal research and writing skills. Participation in these journals provides an intensive educational experience beyond the Law School curriculum by enhancing analytical, organizational, and writing skills. These qualities are highly respected by members of the legal community and are regarded as essential to the successful practice of law. 

  • The Brooklyn Law Review is a scholarly journal of analysis and commentary covering a broad range of current legal issues. Learn More

  • The Brooklyn Journal of International Law is one of the leading international law journals in America. The Journal has a 35-year tradition of publishing the work of preeminent scholars, judges, and practitioners in the diverse field of international law. Learn More

  • The Journal of Law and Policy is a scholarly journal of analysis and commentary whose mission is to promote the debate of law related issues and public policy through the publication of articles written by legal scholars, law students, and distinguished members of the legal and policymaking communities. Learn More

  • The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law was founded in 2005 as a student run business law journal, specializing in corporate, financial and commercial law subjects, including securities and bankruptcy law. Learn More

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