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  • Brooks, John R. | Visiting Professor of Law

    Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

    Professor Brooks teaches and writes on tax law and policy. His current research focuses on issues of risk-sharing and insurance across a range of public finance and tax policy issues. He also works on the law and economics of higher education. Read more.

    A.B., Harvard University
    J.D., Harvard Law School

    Teaches: Corporate Taxation


  • Fielder, Lauren | Visiting Associate Professor of Law

    Assistant Dean—Graduate and International Programs and Senior Lecturer, The University of Texas School of Law

    Professor Fielder joined Texas Law in June 2014. A native Texan and ’07 graduate of the LL.M. Program in Latin American and International Law from the Texas Law, she came back to her alma mater to build and oversee a new department that encompasses the LL.M. Program and international partnerships. Read more.

    J.D. University of Tulsa
    LL.M, University of Texas at Austin
    B.A., University of Texas at San Antonio

    Teaches: African Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Law, Family Law


  • Holzer, Meg | Visiting Assistant Professor of Legal Writing

    Professor Holzer’s expertise is in the areas of legal analysis and legal writing and research. She previously served as Visiting Assistant Professor of Legal Writing at Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University. Before that she was Staff Attorney, Public Policy Litigation & Law, for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and an associate at Sullivan & Cromwell.

    J.D., New York University School of Law
    B.A., Yale College


  • Jordan, Samuel P. | Visiting Professor of Law

    Vice Dean and Professor of Law, St. Louis University School of Law

    Professor Jordan joined the Saint Louis University School of Law faculty in 2007. He teaches and writes in the areas of civil procedure, federal courts, and conflict of laws. Read more.

    J.D., University of Chicago School of Law
    M.P.P., University of Chicago, Harris School of Public Policy Studies
    B.A., Rhodes College


  • Landsman, Stephan | Visiting Professor of Law

    Emeritus Professor of Law; Organizer and Director, Clifford Symposium on Tort Law and Social Policy, DePaul College of Law

    Professor Landsman is a nationally renowned expert on the civil jury system, and he is a leader in applying social science methods to legal problems. He is a sought-after speaker at professional conferences and symposia, and among his recent publications are empirical and historical pieces regarding the jury, as well as an examination of legal responses to human rights abuses. Read more.

    J.D., Harvard Law School
    B.A., Kenyon College


  • Michaelsen, Christopher | Visiting Adjunct Professor of Law

    Dr Christopher Michaelsen is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law and a member of the Australian Human Rights Centre. He teaches and specialises in international law, human rights and international security. Prior to joining UNSW in 2008, he served as a Human Rights Officer (Anti-Terrorism) at the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Warsaw, Poland. Chris graduated in law from Hamburg University, holds an LLM from the University of Queensland and a PhD from the Australian National University. He is a co-editor in chief of the Australian Journal of Human Rights, a founding member of the Security Council Analysis Network (SCAN) and an elected member of the Council of the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law (ANZSIL). He is currently a Chief Investigator on a 4-year project funded by the Australian Research Council examining how elected members on the United Nations Security Council can influence Council decision-making and norm development.

    Dipl.Jur., Hamburg University>br> LL.M., University of Queensland
    PhD, Australian National University

    Teaches: Human Rights and Security


  • Pfaff, John | Visiting Professor of Law

    Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law

    Professor Pfaff teaches criminal law, sentencing law, and law and economics. Before coming to Fordham Law School, he was the John M. Olin Fellow at the Northwestern University School of Law and clerked for Judge Stephen F. Williams on the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. Read more.

    J.D., University of Chicago Law School
    B.A., University of Chicago

    Teaches: Criminal Law
  • Pittman, Thane | Visiting Professor of Law

    Professor of Psychology and Chairman of the Psychology Department, Colby College (retired)

    Professor Pittman’s research interests include the psychology of justice and morality. He served as chairman of the Psychology Department and Professor of Psychology at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, from 2004 to 2013. Previously, he was on the faculty of Gettysburg College for 32 years.

    M.A., Ph.D., University of Iowa
    B.A., Kent State University


  • Rosenblum, Darren | Visiting Professor of Law

    Professor of Law, Pace University School of Law

    Professor Rosenblum teaches Contracts, Corporations and International Business Transactions at Pace Law, and serves as the Director of the Business Law Concentration, Director of Commercial and Private International Law Programs, and Faculty Advisor of the Institute for International and Commercial Law. His scholarship focuses on corporate governance, in particular on remedies for sex inequality. Read more.

    J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School
    M.I.A., Columbia University
    B.A., University of Pennsylvania

    Teaches: Corporations


  • Sacharoff, Laurent | Visiting Professor of Law

    Associate Professor of Law, University of Arkansas School of Law

    Professor Sacharoff teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, cybercrime, and international criminal law. At Arkansas School of Law, he was named outstanding law school professor of the year for 2015, and in 2016, he was named the university-wide rising teacher of the year. Read more.

    J.D., Columbia Law School
    B.A., Princeton University

    Teaches: Criminal Law
Profs. Brakman Reiser and Dean's Book Launch: Social Enterprise Law

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