Nicholas W. Allard

President, Joseph Crea Dean and Professor of Law

250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 780-7902 |  Email
Areas of Expertise

Privacy, Technology, and Communications Law
Internet Law and New Media
Government Relations


B.A., Princeton University
B.A./M.A., Oxford University
J.D., Yale Law School

C-SPAN: At Brooklyn Book Festival, Dean Nick Allard Leads Panel on “Culture, Politics, and the Supreme Court.”


Dean Allard delivered opening remarks for the day’s event in the Moot Court Room and served as moderator for a panel discussion aired live on C-SPAN that focused on the legal and political issues related to the Trump Administration and the Supreme Court.

RNN TV: Dean Nick Allard Discusses the President’s Legal Team on Richard French Live


Dean Allard drew upon his three decades of experience in law, politics, and higher education to describe the challenges facing the President’s counsel in going up against a formidable legal team assembled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate the administration’s ties to Russia.

The New York Times: Dean Allard Applauds Court Decision on California Bar Exam


Dean Allard praised a decision by the California Supreme Court to lower the passing score on that state’s bar exam.

City & State NY: 25 Brooklyn Influencers You Need to Know


Dean Nick Allard was listed as a Top-5 Influencer in Brooklyn under the Education category.

Dean Nick Allard Writes Opinion Pieces for The Times of Israel and Washington Post


On March 17, Dean Nick Allard had his op-ed about rising anti-Semitism in the United States appear in The Times of Israel, while his opinion piece about a wine bar’s lawsuit against the president appeared in the Washington Post.

Dean Nick Allard Op-ed ‘An unexpected Trump effect: Lawyer as hero’ Appears in The Hill


In an op-ed appearing in the Feb. 24 edition of The Hill, Dean Nick Allard shares his thoughts on how the role of lawyers in society is as critically important as ever given the actions of the Trump administration. Lawyers practicing across varying fields from immigration to religious freedom to international trade are suddenly in the spotlight, and now playing a major role in shaping the nation’s current governmental system.

Oklahoma Legal Group Blog: The Law Deans: Nicholas W. Allard, Brooklyn Law School


Dean Nick Allard discusses the biggest challenge facing law students, challenges as a dean, the effect of technology on criminal defense cases, and other topics in this Q&A.

Dean Nick Allard in The New York Times on the President-Elect’s White House Counsel


In a Dec. 12 New York Times story profiling newly appointed White Counsel Donald McGahn, Dean Nick Allard said that the president-elect’s success could hinge on McGahn’s legal advice.

The Detroit News: Letter: ‘Hamilton’ actor deserves freedom medal


Dean Nick Allard authored this opinion piece praising "Hamilton" actor Brandon Dixon for stepping out of character as Aaron Burr and speaking on behalf of all the actors onstage directly to Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Vox: Step 1 of Donald Trump’s anti-lobbyist crusade: pack his transition team with lobbyists


Dean Nick Allard tries to make sense of President-elect Trump’s proposal to ban foreign lobbyists from raising money for American elections.

Dean Allard ‘Open Letter to the President-Elect’ Appears in The Detroit News


In an op-ed appearing in the Nov. 9 edition of the The Detroit News, Dean Nick Allard shares his thoughts on how the next president should proceed to govern and win the trust of Americans.

The Center for Public Integrity: Donald Trump's ethics reform plan: dim prospects ahead


Dean Nick Allard suggests Trump’s proposed lobbying reforms hinge on how he defines a lobbyist.

We, the people


Dean Nick Allard, as a guest columnist in the Fall 2016 PreLaw, writes that future law students and lawyers need to promote civic legal education to ensure justice for all.

In Letter to The Washington Post, Dean Nick Allard Explains “How to Better Regulate the Lobbyists”


In a Letter to the Editor published in The Washington Post Sept. 16, Dean Nick Allard points out that the approach taken by the White House to more strictly enforce lobbying practices ignores a set of suggestions provided by the American Bar Association’s task force on how best to regulate the practice. Allard was responding to the newspaper’s Sept. 12 editorial “Fewer registrations in thriving influence industry.”

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Dean Allard Letter to Brooklyn Law School students in wake of police-involved shootings and the killing of police officers in Dallas


Dean Nick Allard shared his thoughts with the Law School community in the wake of violent incidents across the country.

St. Petersburg International Legal Forum: Law Schools: Best International Practices (video)


Dean Nick Allard discusses issues of modernization in higher legal education both in Russia and abroad in the context of new economic and social needs, IT development, and the emergence of new public policy.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle: Brooklyn Law School Dean Introduces, Praises Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor [print only]


Dean Nick Allard’s remarks made during Justice Sotomayor’s April visit appear in the Pro Bono Barrister column.

WNYC Features Debate on Apple/FBI Case in Dean Nick Allard’s Privacy Law Class


WNYC paid a visit recently to the Law School’s Privacy Law in a Digital Age class taught by Dean Nick Allard to cover a lively and timely presentation by four students who argued on behalf of Apple, the FBI, the victims of Syed Farook in the San Bernardino mass shooting in December, and a privacy-rights group.

Brooklyn Law School honors four at its annual Alumni Luncheon


Dean Allard praises the Brooklyn Law School alumni as ambassadors for the legal community.

The Enduring Power of Law


Dean Nick Allard writes about the importance of law in the 21st century and beyond in the Winter 2016 PreLaw.

Dean Nick Allard Responds to New York Times Editorial on Law Schools as Guest Columnist in Brooklyn Daily Eagle


Dean Nick Allard, serving as guest columnist for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s Pro Bono Barrister (a weekly column by Chuck Otey ’67), shared a letter he sent to law school deans nationwide, seeking to reframe the perception of today’s legal profession.

Dean Nick Allard Weighs in on Unified Bar Exam with New Jersey Law Journal


With New Jersey being among the recent states to consider adopting the Unified Bar Exam, the New Jersey Law Journal sought commentary from Dean Nick Allard, who in January 2015 testified on the proposal to adopt the UBE for New York.

Dean Nick Allard on the current state of legal education in the U.S.


Dean Nick Allard was a guest on You Are Here,” a weekly radio show from WERS 88.9FM in Boston. In “Are Today's Emerging Lawyers Unfit For The Task?” Allard answers with a resounding “no.”

“Bar Exam Not the Best Test of a Good Lawyer” Writes Dean Nick Allard in The New York Times Op-Ed


“No one who graduates from an A.B.A.-accredited law school with a strong G.P.A. should have to take the bar exam. The current exam is very expensive, and not a great measure of competence to actually practice law,” Dean Nick Allard wrote in an op-ed published in the September 24 edition of The New York Times.

Dean Allard Contributes to the University of Toledo Law Review


Brooklyn Law School President and Dean Nick Allard authored "A Dean Grows in Brooklyn" for the University of Toledo Law Review.

Statement from Brooklyn Law School President and Dean Nicholas Allard on the Adopted Resolution and Report of the ABA Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education


Brooklyn Law School President and Dean Nicholas W. Allard issued the following statement in response to the American Bar Association House of Delegates’ vote on the task force recommendations on the proposed reforms for legal education financing.

Bridge-to-Success Program for Future Graduates Attracts National Media Attention


Brooklyn Law School’s Bridge-to-Success program was featured in The New York Times on July 13 and received additional media coverage nationally and in the New York City area. President and Dean Nick Allard was quoted extensively.

Tipping the Scales: How Law Grads Would Reduce Tuition


Dean Nick Allard responds to a Kaplan survey that asked pre-law students and recent grads how they would reduce law school costs.

Dean Nick Allard Calls for Overhaul of Bar Exam System in National Law Journal Op-Ed


“Why should promising students spend years working hard in a demanding law school program only to have their new career derailed by an expensive all-or-nothing test with little relevance to the practice of law?” asks Dean Nick Allard in an op-ed published in the March 30 edition of The National Law Journal.

The New York Times Features BLS Business Boot Camp


Dean Nick Allard explains the many advantages that the Law School’s Business Boot Camp offers students.

Dean Nick Allard Testifies on Proposal to Adopt Unified Bar Exam for New York


Brooklyn Law School President and Dean Nicholas Allard testified before the Committee on the Unified Bar Exam (UBE) at CUNY Law School on Jan. 20, 2015. The Committee, created by New York Court of Appeals Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, is examining a proposal to adopt the UBE for New York.

NPR: Lobbyists Adjust To GOP Majority On Capitol Hill


Dean Nick Allard draws upon his own experience as a lobbyist to predict how lobbyists will adjust to the recent power shift in Congress.

Hispanic Outlook: A New Kind of Dean Appointed at Brooklyn Law School


Dean Nick Allard shares his views on changes taking place in law schools, the 2-year JD program, and what it takes to attract more minority attorneys.

Dean Allard in The New York Times on Declining Law School Enrollment

Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard was quoted in the Dec. 17, 2014, New York Times article, “A Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment Accelerates.” The article examined the drop in law school admissions, comparing enrollment statistics to those of four years ago when the U.S. was experiencing a historic recession.

The New York Times: A Steep Slide in Law School Enrollment Accelerates


Dean Nick Allard argues that the country needs more people studying law, not fewer.

Tipping the Scales: Law School Dreamin’ By An 8th Grader


Dean Nick Allard received a letter from an 8th grader inquiring about going to law school and becoming a lawyer, leading to a poignant response.

Wall Street Journal: Law School Deans Question Sharp Drop in Bar Exam Scores


Dean Nick Allard was one of 79 law deans nationwide who signed a letter sent to the NCBE requesting investigation of the administration and scoring of the July 2014 bar exam, culling from an earlier letter Dean Allard had sent to the NCBE president.

Dean Allard Questions NCBE President on the Scoring of July 2014 Bar

On October 23, Erica Moeser, President of the National Conference of Bar Examiners, sent a memo to all law school deans across the country. The memo contained the information that there was a significant drop in the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) scores, and that the “…drop in scores that we saw this past July has been a matter of concern to us… While we always take quality control of MBE scoring very seriously, we redoubled our efforts to satisfy ourselves that no error occurred in scoring the examination or in equating the test with its predecessors… All point to the fact that the group that sat in July 2014 was less able than the group that sat in July 2013.” Dean Nicholas Allard sent a letter back to Moeser, chiding the NCBE president for referring to the July 2014 graduates as “less able” than their July 2013 counterparts.

Statement from Brooklyn Law School Dean Nicholas Allard on the Nomination of Loretta Lynch as U.S. Attorney General

"Under Loretta Lynch, the Office of United States Attorney for the Eastern District has been known for fulfilling the most important role of a prosecutor—"to do justice"—by fair and equitable treatment of the accused, while actively protecting the communities in its jurisdiction."

Dean Allard Interviewed by Lawdragon on What Makes BLS So Unique

In a detailed Q&A with Lawdragon, Dean Nick Allard describes how Brooklyn Law School provides one of the most “student-centric,” personally tailored law school experiences in the nation.

Dean Allard Addresses Legal Education Costs at ABA Annual Meeting

This weekend, Dean Nick Allard traveled to Boston for the first public hearing of the Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education, held during the American Bar Association’s annual meeting.

Let Brooklyn Host 2016 Democratic Convention, Dean Allard Writes

In a new op-ed for Roll Call, Dean Nick Allard spells out why Brooklyn should host the 2016 Democratic convention – or any political convention, for that matter.

Dean Allard on 'Broken' Law School Model in New Op-Ed

In a new op-ed for The Chronicle of Higher Education, Dean Nick Allard describes the backdrop of legal education and why the Law School’s upcoming tuition reduction is so significant.

Dean Allard Visits Fox Business Network and CNBC to Discuss 15% Tuition Reduction

Dean Nick Allard appeared today on “Varney & Co.,” the top-rated program on the Fox Business Network, to discuss Brooklyn Law School’s upcoming 15 percent tuition cut.

Brooklyn Law School Announces 15% Tuition Cut, Initiatives to Address Law School Accessibility and Affordability

Brooklyn Law School’s (BLS) Board of Trustees today announced a 15 percent across-the-board tuition reduction, beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year. The cost reduction program further enhances an evolving package of student-centric initiatives designed to address the national challenges of law school accessibility, affordability, and quality.

Today’s announcement follows last year’s decision by BLS to freeze 2014 tuitions at 2013 levels. It marks an aggressive effort to address law school affordability and signals a significant step toward greater accessibility and diversity in legal education, according to Nicholas W. Allard, Joseph Crea Dean and Professor of Law.

Dean Nick Allard on the ‘Business of Legal Education’ in Bloomberg Law Op-ed


In a new Bloomberg Law op-ed, Dean Nick Allard highlights the need to strike a balance between preparing future lawyers to be critical thinkers and providing a legal education that delivers immediate value. The issue dovetails with President Obama’s recent endorsement of the 2-year J.D. concept.

Dean Nick Allard Featured as Frequent Commentator on Technology and Law


Dean Nick Allard has published several articles this month, each of them framing recent technology-related headlines in a legal context. His writing has been featured in the New Jersey Law Journal, Thomson Reuters Westlaw, and Business Insider.

Dean Nick Allard Offers Perspective on Washington Post’s Future in Business Insider


In a Business Insider op-ed, Dean Allard offered broader perspective on Jeff Bezos’ recent purchase of the Washington Post. Visionaries like Bezos create business and legal issues that never existed before, he wrote, opening up new frontiers for lawyers: “That’s what makes the legal profession a challenge and that’s what makes it fun.”

Dean Nick Allard Comments on Privacy vs. Safety in New Jersey Law Journal Op-ed


In an op-ed for the New Jersey Law Journal, Dean Nick Allard examined the balance between protecting citizens’ safety and preserving their privacy in the era of “big data.” With potentially far-reaching implications, recent rulings foreshadow what will be a growing legal emphasis on privacy rights, which Dean Allard called “the biggest civil rights issue of our time.”

Dean Nick Allard on Demand for Energy Lawyers in Breaking Energy Op-Ed


The Northeast has joined strongholds like Texas in the demand for energy lawyers, wrote Dean Nick Allard in a new Breaking Energy op-ed – a need that will only surge in light of an "insatiable demand for energy and the lack of a coherent energy policy."

Dean Nick Allard on Need for Lawyers in Compliance and Risk Management in New Yahoo! Finance Op-Ed


In an op-ed for Yahoo! Finance, Dean Nick Allard highlighted the need for highly skilled compliance and risk officers – and the growing desire among hiring managers for J.D. degrees. Compliance officers not only navigate regulations behind mergers and corporate deals, but can also help facilitate “unimaginable growth and change of an industry,” Dean Allard wrote.

Chambers USA Lists Dean Nick Allard as Key Player at #1 Ranked Government Relations Firm Patton Boggs LLP


In the Chambers USA 2013 law firm rankings, Dean Nick Allard was named as a key individual at Patton Boggs LLP, tied at number one for firms specializing in government relations. Clients described Dean Allard to Chambers as "thoughtful and intelligent - he always finds different ways of tackling our problems. He's very effective."

Dean Nick Allard on the Relationship Between Startups and Lawyers in Fast Company Op-Ed


In a recent op-ed for Fast Company, Dean Nick Allard discusses the important relationship between tech startups and lawyers. Much of the success of a startup company hinges on the guidance and optimism of its legal team, he explains.

Dean Nick Allard on President Obama’s Relationship with Washington Lobbyists

Dean Nick Allard recently spoke about President Obama’s restrictions on federal lobbyists serving in his administration. Dean Allard, previously the head of lobbying at Patton Boggs in Washington, D.C., said that the Obama administration must build confidence in the lobbying system. “It’s actually harmful to promote the canard that you can buy results in Washington and that our public officials are somehow duped by hypnotic influence peddlers,” he said.

Dean Nick Allard Comments on Lobbying in the 21st Century

Dean Nick Allard spoke to Politico about the increase of business for lobbying firms in the new year. Dean Allard, a former top lobbyist for Patton Boggs, advised firms to take advantage of new media. “Lobbying is harder today than ever before but more necessary than ever before, given the volume and complexity of issues,” he said. “Lobbying firms that don’t adapt to today’s communication preferences — email and social media in particular — put themselves at risk.”

Dean Nick Allard Named Rhodes Scholar of the Week

In early December, Dean Nick Allard was named the Rhodes Scholar of the Week. Dean Allard earned a Rhodes Scholarship at oxford University, where he earned a Masters degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics.

Dean Nick Allard Campaigns for Graduate Employment in the New York Law Journal

Dean Nick Allard was featured on the front page of the New York Law Journal calling for higher employment rates for recent law school graduates. In addition to discussing his transition from law practice to academia, Dean Allard talked about his goals for Brooklyn Law School.

Dean Nick Allard Comments on NY State Pro Bono Mandate in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle


Dean Nick Allard recently spoke to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle about New York State’s new mandate for lawyers, who must now perform 50 hours of pro bono work to be licensed. Effective 2015, New York is the first state with such a requirement. Dean Allard supported the mandate.

Dean Nick Allard Discusses Campaign Financing on Al Jazeera


Dean Nick Allard was featured on the Al Jazeera show Empire to discuss how the deregulation of campaign financing has affected the political process. As a former top lobbyist in Washington, D.C., he criticized the free-spending.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Profiles New Dean Nick Allard


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle recently profiled Brooklyn Law School’s new dean, Nick Allard. The article discussed how his background as an attorney and lobbyist in Washington, D.C. influences his vision for taking the Law School forward as a leading law school in the 21st century.