Naming Opportunities

Endowed Funds and Learning Centers

Named Endowed Professorships
There is no higher recognition of excellence in teaching and scholarship than appointment to an endowed professorship, or “chair.” An awarded chair is a permanent tribute to the person who bears its name, and ensures that the Law School will continue to attract and retain the most distinguished and influential teachers and scholars.

Named Endowed Scholarships
Brooklyn Law School is proud of its students and their commitment to intellectual rigor and personal and professional growth. They are highly motivated, immensely qualified, and, in too many cases, financially strapped. To attract even more outstanding students, and to reduce their debt burden, we need to increase our scholarship and financial aid resources. An endowed scholarship is a permanent tribute to the person whose name it bears, and a life-transforming gift to students who benefit from it. Your gift will enable the Law School to establish a named scholarship in perpetuity. The Law School will make an award each year in your name, or in the name of the person you wish to honor.

Loan Repayment Assistance Program
In response to the growing concern that accumulated educational loan debt forces graduates who want to pursue careers in public interest advocacy into private practice, we have established a loan repayment assistance program. Graduates who demonstrate their commitment to public interest work over timereceive assistance in the form of loan forgiveness or assistance in repaying their education loans. Your gift will permanently endow this extraordinarily important program and link your name to public interest advocacy.

The International Business Law Fellowship Program provides an outstanding educational experience for students pursuing careers in international business law. The student fellows participate in the activities of the Dennis J. Block Center for the Study of International Business Law and take a variety wide assortment of courses in the international and business fields. They prepare a scholarly paper in their area of interest, and work closely with the Law School faculty in research and writing in the field. Your gift enables you to name a fellowship and to provide a summer stipend to one fellow each year.

The Edward V. Sparer Public Interest Law Fellowship Program offers highly qualified students unique opportunities to explore the practice of public interest law. It provides a stipend to students who devote ten weeks during the summer to full-time work at any public interest law organization. Your gift will name a fellowship and permanently endow a summer stipend for one student each year.

The Law School awards the Barry L. Zaretsky Bankruptcy and Commercial Law Fellowships to students based on demonstrated academic achievement and a serious interest in bankruptcy and commercial law. They honor the memory of the late Professor Barry Zaretsky, a faculty member for nearly two decades and a luminary in bankruptcy and commercial law. Your gift will name a fellowship and permanently endow a research stipend for one student each year.

The Center for the Study of Law, Language & Cognition is devoted to exploring how developments in the cognitive sciences—including psychology, neuroscience and linguistics—influence the development of law at both the theoretical and practical levels. Founded in 1999, the Center is the only one of its kind in the nation. Prominent scholars and specialists from around the world have come to Brooklyn Law School to share their research and engage in discussion and debate. Its symposia and lectures produce an influential body of interdisciplinary publications. The Center also supports the work of faculty members who are engaged in research in these areas. Your gift enables you to name the Center and fund its innovative research programs.

The Center for Health, Science and Public Policy, the newest of the Law School’s Centers of Excellence, is an intellectual gathering place for law and medical theoreticians and practitioners to exchange ideas on emerging issues in health law, science and bioethics. It also provides opportunities for students to obtain externships and post-graduate positions as lawyers in health care fields. Your gift will support the Center’s yearly symposia and programs and give it the name of your choice.

Other Naming Opportunities

Media and Society Lecture Series
The Media and Society Lecture is held annually and features distinguished leaders in the media who speak on current issues of national importance. Among the previous speakers in the series: Reed Hundt, former FCC Commissioner; Russell Lewis ’73, former CEO of The New York Times; Knight Kiplinger, economic journalist and business forecaster, and Pulitzer prize-winning columnists Anthony Lewis and Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times. Your gift will name this lecture series.

Library Conference Rooms
Located throughout the library, conference rooms are designed to be used by groups for study, meetings and small instructional sessions. All rooms are set up for wireless Internet access. Your gift will name one of these rooms.

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Irwin B. Cohen ’58 visits Professor Aaron Twerski’s Torts class. Twerski is the recipient of the Irwin and Jill Cohen Professor of Law endowed professorship.