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Brooklyn Law School’s 2-Year J.D. Experience

Below is a sample outline of the schedule of coursework a 2-year J.D. student will pursue to complete the degree. Students are eligible for clinics, certificate programs, and international studies.

Incoming Summer: 6 credits (6-7 weeks)

1L Fall Semester: 14 credits (13 weeks)

Intersession: 3 credits (2 weeks)

1L Spring Semester: 16 credits (usual 1L course load) (13 weeks)

Middle Summer:
11 credits (6-7 weeks)

  • Regular courses
  • Clinics / externships

2L Fall Semester: 16 credits (13 weeks)

Intersession: 3 credits (2 weeks)

2L Spring Semester: 16 credits (13 weeks)

Total: 85 credits

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