Recent Moot Court Competition Winners

2017 - 2018 Award-Winning Teams

National Veterans Law Moot Court Competition (Washington, DC)
Monica Ferreira '19 and Alexander Mazza '19
Second Best Overall Advocate: Alexander Mazza '19
Coaches: Elyssa Abuhoff '18, Alanna Briffa '18, and Tyler Gratton '18

Professor Bernie L. Segal National Mock Trial Competition: In Vino Veritas (San Francisco, CA)
John Augelli '18, Andrew Kimball '18, Maria Ortiz '18, and Brandon Perlman '18
Best Closing Argument: Brandon Perlman '18
Coaches: Brittany Rubino '17 and Brooke Verdiglione

Judge Paul Joseph Kelly, Jr. Invitational Trial Competition hosted by Fordham University School of Law
Brittney-Rose Curtis '18 and Nikolai Wolfe '19
Coaches: Steve Michelen '15 and Rachel Polisner '15

Price Media Law Moot Court Competition
Semi-Finalists, Americas Regional (New York, NY)
Steven Deolus '19, Emma Ellis '19, Daman Kaur '19, and Rebecca Meyer '19
Runner Up Best Advocate in Regional Final Round:
Emma Ellis '19
Coaches: Elyssa Abuhoff '18, Erin Callihan '19, Jaime Freilich '18, Craig McAllister '18

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Trial Competition
Semi-Finalists, Regionals (New York, NY)
Brittney-Rose Curtis '18 and Nikolai Wolfe '19
Best Closing Statement: Brittney-Rose Curtis ’18
Second Best Opening Statement: Nikolai Wolfe ’19
Third Best Direct Examination: Nikolai Wolfe ’19
Coaches: Sarah Briglia '14, Christopher Dey ’13, Brandon Perlman ’18

Semi-Finalists, Regionals (New York, NY)
Kevin Dunshee ’19 and Megan Hynes ’19
Third Best Cross Examination: Megan Hynes ’19
Coaches: Steven Michelen '15, Rachel Polisner '15, Megan Shaw ’18

Quinnipiac Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition (Hamden, CT)
Kevin Dunshee '19, Megan Hynes '19, Cassandra Love '18, and Manraj Sekhon '19
Best Overall Advocate: Cassandra Love '18
Coaches: Michael Luongo '19, Aiman Tariq '18, Mallory Turk '15

Peter James Johnson Memorial National Civil Rights Trial Competition (Uniondale, NY)
Shelby Anderson '19, Andrew Andrzejewski '19, MaryClaire Kennedy '19, and Will Ognibene '19
Coaches: Danielle Clayton '18, Amanda Hamilton '18, and Taofik Hassan '18

John J. Costello National Criminal Trial Advocacy Competition (Fairfax, VA)
Javionte Johnson '19, Mary Claire Kennedy '19, and Spencer Smith '19
Coaches: Hajar Lakhouili '18, Pamela Langro '17, Joanna Menillo '15

NYU Immigration Law Moot Court Competition
(New York, NY)

Amanda Fell '19 and Gabriella Giunta '19
Coaches: Ara Chung '18, Marco Duenas '18

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
Semi-Finalists, Northeast Region (New York, NY)
Kyleen Breslin ’19, Charles Diamond ’18, Tina Lin ’19, and Eleanor Shotton ’19
Top Four Oralist: Eleanor Shotton ’19
Top Ten Oralist: Kyleen Breslin ’19
Coaches: Margiselle Estevez ’18, Olta Gjoca ’18, Ana Nunez ’18

ABA Labor and Employment Trial Competition (New York, NY)
Brett Feldman ‘19, Jenna Jones ‘19, Amber Leary ’19, and Dylan Porcello ‘19
Coaches: John Augelli ’18, Andrew Kimball '18, Cassandra Love ’18

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