Recent Moot Court Competition Winners

2016 - 2017 Award-Winning Teams

TYLA National Trial Competition (New York Regional) (New York, NY)
Advanced to National Competition in Fort Worth, TX, March 2017
Brittney Curtis ’18 and Nikolai Wolfe ‘19
Coaches: Sarah Briglia ’14 and Sheena Ramroop ‘17
Second Best Opening Statement: Nikolai Wolfe
Third Best Closing Argument: Nikolai Wolfe

Dwana Dixon ’17, Seth Grantier ’17, and Brittany Rubino ‘17
Coaches: Steven Michelen ’15, Rachel Polisner ’15, and Aicha Diaby ‘18

Price Media Law Moot Court Competition (Americas Regional) (New York, NY)
Advanced to International Rounds in Oxford, UK, April 2017
Best Memorial
Elyssa Abuhoff ’18, Erin Callihan ’18, Jaime Freilich ’18, and Craig McAllister ‘18
Coaches: Sebastian Asaro ’17, Sung (Jimmy) Kang ’17, Taylor Lietz ’17, and Shieva Salehnia ‘17
Best Advocate in Final Round: Erin Callihan

Quinnipiac Criminal Justice Trial Advocacy Competition (Hamden, CT)
Michael Conte ’17, Kelly Ferrell ’17, Paul Jang ’18, Aiman Tariq ’19
Coaches: Pamela Langro ’17, Neeti Sachdev ’17, and Mallory Turk ’15

State Bar of Michigan National Trial Advocacy Competition (Lansing, MI)
John Augelli ’18, Dwana Dixon ’17, Amanda Hamilton ’18, Christine Thambuswamy ’18
Best Opening Statement: Dwana Dixon
Coaches: Nathaniel Myers ’17, Neeti Sachdev ’17 and Steven Michelen '15

ABA Labor and Employment Trial Competition
(New York, NY)

Andrew Kimball ’18, Maria Ortiz ’18, Brandon Perlman ’18, Brooke Verdiglione ’18
Coaches: Steven Pellechi ’17 and Brittany Rubino ’17

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