Executive Board

2015-2016 Executive Board and National Teams

Brooklyn Law School - 2015-2016 Moot Court Honor Society

Ashley Barnes

Vice Presidents - Appellate Advocacy
Justin Bova
Allison Zimmerman

Vice President - Trial Advocacy
Emma Carlson

Prince Competition Coordinator
Julia Mehlman

First-Year Competition Coordinator
Christopher Mikesh

Trial Coordinator
Sarah Esmi

Business Affairs Coordinator
Benjamin Riesenberg

Appellate Advocacy National Teams

NYC Bar National Team
Steven Ballew
Myra Din

ABA National Team 
Taylor Dougherty
Glenn Radecki

Trial Advocacy National Teams

Texas Young Lawyers Association National Team
Austin Minogue
Samantha Oakes

American Association for Justice National Team
Desiree Alexander
Tahir Boykins

Vis International Commercial Arbitration Team
Bradford Bray
Vanessa Domenichelli
Sarah Hernandez
Alexandria Todd

  • Winners of Price Media Law Moot Court International Moot Court Competition
  • Winners of Albany Law School Domenick L. Gabrielli National Family Law Moot Court Competition
  • Winners of Fordham University School of Law Judge Paul Joseph Kelly, Jr. Invitational Trial Competition

Moot Court Honor Society Students Celebrate Their Successful Season

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2014-2015 Moot Court Honor Society

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