First Year Curriculum

Becoming Effective Writers and Communicators

The first-year legal writing course, Fundamentals of Law Practice, taught over two semesters, provides students with the range of skills critical to becoming well-rounded, professional, and effective lawyers. Classes are small, allowing students to receive individual attention in the course. Students regularly meet with their instructors on a one-on-one basis to assess their progress and to receive targeted feedback for improving their writing. Students will also participate in team exercises and use peer review opportunities to learn critical reading and reviewing. 

Through experiential learning and an emphasis on collaborative work, Fundamentals of Law Practice introduces students to the many facets of the lawyer’s role and provides:

  • A strong foundation in legal writing;
  • A focus on skills training in the three “As”—analysis, advocacy, and advice;
  • An introduction to various aspects of the lawyer’s practice through office memoranda, appellate brief writing, oral argument, peer editing, and transactional negotiation;
  • A solid grounding in legal research, including the most advanced forms of Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law;
  • An introduction to the lawyer-client relationship, and
  • An emphasis on professional and ethical responsibilities.

First-Year Legal Writing Courses

Fundamentals of Law Practice 1: Objective Legal Analysis
Fundamentals of Law Practice 2: Advocacy

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