Domestic Violence and the Law

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Elizabeth Schneider

This course will focus on the explosion of legal advocacy efforts for battered women and the growth in legal responses to violence in intimate relationships more generally. We will examine the history of the battered women's movement and activism against violence against women and discuss the role of lawyers in movements for social change. We will examine domestic violence related law and policy in several arenas and areas of law including criminal prosecution and defense, family law, and protection orders. We will move from discussions of policy and legal theory to practice oriented exercises. The course is an interdisciplinary course. We will critically examine social science, psychology, and legal materials related to the social problem of domestic violence.

Grading and Method of Evaluation

Letter grade with pass/fail option. Students will be required to write a number of individual short papers and to complete a larger group project. Depending on student interest and the size of enrollment, students may also give class presentations. With the permission of the instructor, a limited number of students may submit a paper to satisfy the Upperclass Writing Requirement in lieu of the group project.