Civil Practice Externship Fieldwork

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Camille Abate, Jodi S. Balsam, Arthur T. Cambouris, David Dince, Karen Eisen, Roger Griesmeyer, Barry Hochhauser, Chaumtoli Huq, Jenny W. Le, Marianne Mele, Mark Merriman, Lewis Polishook, Diana Sen, Maria Termini

The Civil Practice Externship is where students put their training into practice. Students earn academic credits while working in approved placements across a wide range of practice environments including: Arts and Entertainment, Individual Rights and Representation, Corporate Counsel, Government Litigation and Counsel, and Securities and Market Regulation. Students select placements based on their interest in a particular practice area or opportunity to hone particular lawyering skills. At the placements, students are paired with a supervising Mentor Attorney to work on real legal matters, while at the law school they are supported by faculty to learn from their experience. Fieldwork Credits: 3.00 BLS students enjoy civil externship opportunities in every industry, and in every setting including public interest organizations, government agencies, private law firms, and corporate legal offices. Depending on the placement, externships give students actual litigation and transactional experience, along with exposure to case management and workplace skills, client relations, and policy and institutional issues. Students identify the individual goals they hope to achieve through their externship so that the work experience can be structured to meet those goals. They and their Mentor Attorneys both benefit from the relationship. The students learn from working with and observing an experienced attorney, who provides close supervision and regular feedback. The attorneys refine their own skills through serving as teacher and mentor. Seminar Credits:1.00 Students are supported in their placement experience by the co-requisite externship seminar. The seminar is taught by faculty (fulltime and adjunct) with extensive practice credentials, and addresses a range of topics, including: reflecting on and learning from experience, ethics and professionalism, skills training, legal institutions and process, substantive law, and career development.

Enrollment Notes:

Students interested in enrolling in the Civil Practice Externship may find more information on the Externships page of BLSConnect. For information on current externship opportunities, visit Symplicity. Students ordinarily may not repeat an externship in the same practice setting and placement. Exceptions may be made upon a showing of the educational benefit to be derived and subject to the approval of the Faculty Director.