Clinic - Civil Rights Externship

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Sandra Pullman, Anjana Samant

Students work in the Civil Rights Bureau of the New York State Attorney General's Office, enforcing local, state, and federal anti-discrimination laws on behalf of New York State government. Each student will be responsible for working up the formal investigation and litigation of one or more targets under the direct supervision of an Assistant Attorney General. Areas of civil rights enforcement in which students will participate include employment discrimination, disability access, fair housing, LGBT rights, religious accommodations, and race and sex disparities in education. The Attorney General's Office is committed to providing meaningful opportunities to students to gain experience with civil rights enforcement and develop creative problem-solving skills to combat policies and practices of discrimination. Each clinic student will be responsible for evaluating the evidence obtained in an investigation, conducting legal research and drafting recommendation memos, drafting subpoenas and pleadings, reviewing documents produced in discovery, developing questions for witnesses, and proposing injunctive relief. Seminar Credits: 2:00 Seminar: The clinic includes a 2-credit seminar that includes a review of substantive civil rights laws and the basis for the OAG's authority. The seminar also aims to develop the students' lawyering skills through detailed feedback on written work and group discussion of effective litigation techniques. Students will be expected to keep journals describing their work and to discuss legal and strategic issues that come up in the course of their work as part of the seminar.

Enrollment Notes:

Students will be expected to work 12-15 hours per week at the Office of the Attorney General. This clinic is open to 2Ls and 3Ls and will require a two-semester commitment.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Pass/Fail for the placement credits and letter grade only for the seminar.