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Michael T. Cahill

In the past months, we have found ourselves living through world-changing events that will affect the way we live for both the immediate future and the long term, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the mass protests in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.

Dean Michael T. Cahill sits down with members of the Brooklyn Law School faculty to discuss the legal ramifications of our responses to the current moment, and envision what the world may look like in 2021 and beyond.

Anita Bernstein
Episode 16. Authority and Humility: Female Leaders' Response to COVID
Oct 06, 2020
Professor Anita Bernstein looks at the characteristics that make a good leader during uncertain times. Read More
Professor Sabeel Rahman
Episode 15. Restoring the Rule of Law: Voter Suppression, Election Administration, and Legitimacy
Sep 16, 2020
Professor Sabeel Rahman, president of Demos, discusses the many challenges to democracy we are currently facing, such as voter suppression and election administration, and how we might rebuild from them.
Deborah Riegel '93, partner at Rosenberg and Estis
Episode 14. New York City Real Estate: It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Sep 04, 2020
Deborah Riegel '93, partner at Rosenberg and Estis, talks about the current state of the New York City real estate market and why, despite naysayers, she's positive the city will come back.
Professors Maryellen Fullerton and Stacy Caplow
Episode 13. Crisis at the Border, of Health and Humanity
Aug 25, 2020
Professors Maryellen Fullerton and Stacy Caplow discuss how an already desperate situation for asylum seekers at the borders has been further exacerbated by the pandemic.
Wilfred Codrington
Episode 12. The 2020 Election Year: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Aug 13, 2020
Professor Wilfred Codrington III expounds on the particular difficulties of managing a contentious presidential election in the midst of a pandemic.
Professor Cynthia Godsoe
Episode 11. Reform from Within: The Emerging Role of the Progressive Prosecutor
Jul 28, 2020
Professor Cynthia Godsoe explains how prison populations are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and what progressive prosecutors are doing to help.
Miriam Baer
Episode 10. White Collar Crime: Conspiracy and Fraud during a Pandemic
Jul 16, 2020
Professor Miriam Baer discusses the types of fraud and white collar crime that crises can trigger, including the fomenting of long-term criminal activities.
Headshot of Prof. Steven Dean
Episode 9. The Cost of Crises: Grappling with International Tax Issues
Jul 10, 2020
Professor Steven Dean explains why global digital companies pay little to no tax, and how economic fallout from the pandemic could force the issue.
Jocelyn Simonson
Episode 8. From Bail Funds to Police Reform: Crisis as Catalyst
Jul 01, 2020
Professor Jocelyn Simonson takes on the most pressing issues of criminal law: police reform, bail funds, and the critical problem of prisons in a pandemic.
Frank Pasquale
Episode 7. Technology, Healthcare, and the Privacy Dilemma
Jun 15, 2020
Professor Frank Pasquale looks at how technology and the use of big data create concerns for the balance between public health and privacy.
Heidi Brown
Episode 6. Learning to Adapt: Attorney Mental Wellness During Changing Times
Jun 10, 2020
Professor Heidi K. Brown discusses the pandemic’s effect on attorney mental health, and how students and practitioners alike need to adapt to changing needs.
Professor Susan Herman
Episode 5. Protests and Policing: Protecting Civil Liberties
Jun 05, 2020
Professor Susan Herman, President of the ACLU, discusses the unique set of civil liberties and health law challenges posed by the current wave of protests, and offers historical context.
Jodi Balsam
Episode 4. Managing the Arena: Sports in a Post-Pandemic World
Jun 02, 2020
Brooklyn Law School Professor Jodi Balsam delves into the myriad legal issues arising from the postponement of professional and amateur sports seasons, and when and how they might realistically come back.
Karen Porter photo
Episode 3. From AIDS to COVID-19: Managing Public Health Crises
May 28, 2020
Professor Karen Porter looks at current government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic compared to past public health crises.
David Reiss Headshot
Episode 2. The Ripple Effect in Real Estate
May 20, 2020
Professor David Reiss examines the current legal challenges faced by commercial and residential tenants, landlords, and many other real estate-related entities.
Robin Effron
Episode 1. The Lending Clause that Could Decimate Small Businesses Post-COVID-19
May 08, 2020
Professor Robin Effron to discuss how “confession of judgment clauses” in loan agreements could decimate small businesses already facing economic challenges post-COVID-19.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes exploring the impact of the pandemic on real estate, law student and lawyer mental wellness, the criminal justice system, sports, international trade, the U.S. financial system, employment law and workers' rights, and more.