Coronavirus Response Update
School facilities at 250 Joralemon St. and 111 Livingston St. are closed until further notice. Read more.
Michael T. Cahill

In many ways, COVID-19 has changed the way we live for both the immediate future and long-term. Dean Michael T. Cahill sits down with members of the Brooklyn Law School faculty to discuss the legal ramifications of our response to COVID-19 and what a post-pandemic world may look like.

Karen Porter
Episode 3: From AIDS to COVID-19 - Managing Public Health Crises
May 28, 2020
Professor Karen Porter looks at current government responses to the COVID-19 pandemic compared to past public health crises.
David Reiss Headshot
Episode 2: The Ripple Effect in Real Estate
May 20, 2020
Professor David Reiss examines the current legal challenges faced by commercial and residential tenants, landlords, and many other real estate-related entities.
Robin Effron
Episode 1: The Lending Clause that Could Decimate Small Businesses Post-COVID-19
May 08, 2020
Professor Robin Effron to discuss how “confession of judgment clauses” in loan agreements could decimate small businesses already facing economic challenges post-COVID-19.

Stay tuned for upcoming episodes exploring the impact of the pandemic on real estate, law student and lawyer mental wellness, the criminal justice system, sports, international trade, the U.S. financial system, employment law and workers' rights, and more.