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Brooklyn Law School has had a commitment to diversity since its founding in 1901. During a time when many law schools excluded women and minorities, BLS accepted all qualified students, acting as an important gateway to economic, civic, and professional success for people of all backgrounds.

Today’s distinguished body of 1,100 students reflects a diverse community. Approximately forty-nine percent of our students are women and 26 percent of our students are minorities. Our students differ by race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, religion, physical ability, marital and parental status, and economic background. In 2015, our students came from 40 states and 11 countries. Over the past decade, international students from over 41 countries have pursued degrees at Brooklyn Law School.

Together with our talented faculty and against the backdrop of New York City, one of the most diverse places in the world, these students create a vibrant, inclusive intellectual community and a great place to begin life as a lawyer.

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