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In the Spring 2010 issue of LawNotes, we published a feature story entitled “Mergers & Acquisitions,” in which we shared six stories of BLS alumni who met at the Law School and married –  one couple from every decade from the 1950s through the present day. The story was inspired by Joshua D. Kirshner ’04 and Amy Rozenfeld ’04, a couple who met and fell in love while at the Law School.

In researching “Mergers & Acquisitions,” we discovered that hundreds of couples had met at BLS, and there are many more BLS alumni who met before or after law school. In fact, there are so many couples that we hosted a Valentine’s Day party in February 2011 to celebrate their love of the law…and each other.

We are delighted to present an ever-growing section of our Web site dedicated to couples who credit BLS as both their alma matter and their dating service. We received emails and letters from many couples who wrote in to tell us, in their own words, the story of their own “mergers and acquisitions.” We look forward to hearing from more couples, and welcome stories of all partnerships for inclusion on the site.

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* denotes the person has passed away.
♥ denotes the couple is engaged.

Richard H. Abend ‘02
Alison (Ginsberg) Abend ‘01

“Richard and I met in Contracts class. We sat next to each other and often passed notes (this was before personal electronic devices). Anyway, three-and-a-half years later Richard lured me back to Brooklyn Law School to our old contracts class and proposed!  I was elated and completely surprised. He told me we were going back to Brooklyn Law School for a lecture. He even posted fake signage around the school! When we arrived at the ‘lecture,’ he pulled out a notebook and I passed him a note like we used to do in class. Richard's note back to me read , ‘Will you marry me?’,  I replied ‘Yes!’ It was an incredibly special day, and Brooklyn Law School made the perfect backdrop. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in October.”

—Alison (Ginsberg) Abend

Kenneth J. Anand ‘02
Safia A. (Nurbhai) Anand ‘02

James T. Bentley ‘02
Marianna C. Sarkis Bentley ‘02

“We met while at the Law School.  We graduated in 2002 and married in 2006.”

—James T. Bentley and Marianna C. Sarkis Bentley

Bryan M. Konoski ‘02
Kira Treyvus ‘02

“I met my husband in BLS during our first semester.”

—Kira Treyvus

Robert F. LeMoine ‘02
Melinda (Eades) LeMoine ‘01

“Melinda and I met on Law Review and were married in 2004.  We now have two little Brooklyn Law children as well.”

—Robert F. LeMoine

Anthony J. Novella ’02
Deirdre M. Lok ‘03

“We were married in September 2005.  We are expecting our first child, a daughter, in September 2010.”

—Anthony J. Novella and Deirdre M. Lok

Kiat M. Oboler ‘02
Kara A. (Paxton) Oboler ‘02

“We were in the evening program as we were both full timers at our respective employers.  Both of us were in the class of 2002. I remember the first day of school.  I was sitting with a guy named Joshua Smith, and I was chatting with someone sitting in the row behind us.  We were both, you know, checking out the school's offering of cutie-pies.  He bumps my arm and tells me to turn around, to check out this girl who just walked in.  So I did, she was this gorgeous blonde.  He says to me, ‘I'm going to get her phone number before the semester's out.’  I laughed and replied, ‘I'm going to marry that girl.’
On that note, Kara and I met that first year of law school, and we sat next to each other in Torts.  Throughout the first semester we became friends and by the beginning of the second semester, we began dating.  We were married the next year at the Plaza Hotel in our second year of law school.  Our son Maxwell Alan was born the following year, our third year.  We graduated after our 4th year, in May 2002.   Max accompanied us on stage at Lincoln Center when we received our diplomas at our BLS Graduation.  And we both passed the Bar first crack.”

—Kiat M. Oboler

Mark F. Parise ‘02
Jessica S. (Blatt) Parise ‘02

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