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In the Spring 2010 issue of LawNotes, we published a feature story entitled “Mergers & Acquisitions,” in which we shared six stories of BLS alumni who met at the Law School and married –  one couple from every decade from the 1950s through the present day. The story was inspired by Joshua D. Kirshner ’04 and Amy Rozenfeld ’04, a couple who met and fell in love while at the Law School.

In researching “Mergers & Acquisitions,” we discovered that hundreds of couples had met at BLS, and there are many more BLS alumni who met before or after law school. In fact, there are so many couples that we hosted a Valentine’s Day party in February 2011 to celebrate their love of the law…and each other.

We are delighted to present an ever-growing section of our Web site dedicated to couples who credit BLS as both their alma matter and their dating service. We received emails and letters from many couples who wrote in to tell us, in their own words, the story of their own “mergers and acquisitions.” We look forward to hearing from more couples, and welcome stories of all partnerships for inclusion on the site.

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* denotes the person has passed away.
♥ denotes the couple is engaged.

Arthur K. Feldman ‘86
Arlene F. Feldman ‘85

“My husband and I were married on July 15, 1984.  We met on the first night of law school.  I drove him home with a mutual friend who was his roommate.  The roommate encouraged me to apply to law school since she was also applying.  She attended Brooklyn Law School for six weeks – unfortunately, she dropped out.  I remained a student, and my husband and I started dating at the end of the first year of law school.  During that summer of 1983 we were engaged, and the following July we were married.  It was meant to be that we met by chance through my friend.  During the entire first year of law school I would forward him my study group outlines (with their permission) so that he and his night school class could be one step ahead.  The rest is history.  We are now the parents of 3 children and one grandson.”

—Arlene F. Feldman

Richard P. Schroeder ‘86
Helene (Danzilo) Schroeder ’85

Jay C. Shoulson ‘86
Jody M. Ain ‘86

“We married in Jerusalem, Israel on January 9th, 2003.”

—Jay C. Shoulson and Jody M. Ain

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