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Gail S. Ennis was sworn in as Inspector General of the Social Security Administration on January 29th. Gail was confirmed to the position by the U.S. Senate on January 2, and will oversee programs and operations for the administration. As inspector general, she will also address fraud attempts against the Social Security system. (3/15/2019)

Yetta Kurland married Molly Sarah Bryck on June 30, 2018. She is the founder and senior partner of the Kurland Group, a boutique civil rights law firm. (7/20/2018)

Kalman Magyar, is co-founder and managing Partner of Magyar, Bogle & O’Hara, LLP, a boutique law firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada that specializes in intellectual property, commercial litigation, corporate matters, and cross-border transactions. He was formerly Assistant General Counsel for Lovate Health Sciences. (6/1/2018)

Randi May was added to the New York Law Journal’s 2019 Trailblazers List. She is currently an employment and labor law partner at Houget Newman Regal & Kenney LLP. (4/10/2019)

Richard J. Sobelsohn authored the chapter “Green Lease Provisions” in a two-volume treaties on Negotiation and Drafting Office Leases, published by Law Journal Press and due for release on April 30. Sobelsohn is vice president for legal issues at the Cohen Brothers Realty Corporation and an adjunct professor on campus. (4/26/2019)

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