Upper Level Requirements

Legal Writing After the First Year

Legal writing is a talent that—like athletic, musical, or artistic prowess—must be practiced and honed continuously for the legal writer to improve and become an expert. As part of this process, after students complete the year-long 1L legal writing course, all J.D. students are required to successfully complete a significant research and writing project to satisfy the Upper-Class Writing Requirement (UCWR). Further, the Legal Writing Program encourages students to pursue additional coursework in legal writing during each subsequent year of their educational journey at Brooklyn Law School, particularly courses tied to areas of practice that interest each student.

The UCWR is intended to provide each student with a significant research challenge, an opportunity for in-depth study and analysis of a particular area of the law, a chance to articulate his or her own ideas and evaluation of the law, and a faculty-supervised writing experience. Students may satisfy the UCWR through a variety of writing opportunities (subject to faculty approval and supervision, and Brooklyn Law School policies), such as drafting and revising: (1) a paper (or a series of legal documents) in an approved course or seminar; (2) an essay or major written work submitted to an extramural writing competition; (3) a piece of written work product produced for a professional skills course; and/or (4) a faculty-supervised independent research paper.

Beyond the 1L year, Brooklyn Law School offers a spectrum of legal research and writing courses tailored to various areas of law practice, such as:

  • Advanced Communication Skills for International Lawyers
  • Advanced Legal Research
  • Advanced Legal Research: Intellectual Property
  • Advanced Legal Research: New York Civil Litigation
  • Advanced Legal Research: Securities Law
  • American Association of Justice Trial Advocacy Preparation
  • Appellate Advocacy
  • Chinese Language & Law
  • French Language and Law
  • Fundamentals of Legal Drafting
  • Fundamentals of Legal Drafting: Transactions
  • International and Foreign Law Research
  • Journal of Law and Policy
  • Legal Writing and Research for Foreign-Trained Lawyers
  • Practice-Ready Legal Research
  • Public Interest Lawyering: Theory and Practice

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