Legal Writing Faculty

A Highly-Acclaimed Legal Writing Faculty

Brooklyn Law School’s Legal Writing Program faculty is dedicated to preparing students to succeed in an ever-changing legal landscape. They bring their vast experience in law practice to their teaching of first-year and upperclass students.

The Legal Writing Program faculty represents a wide range of practice areas and experiences from Wall Street law firms to Legal Aid, and many have held prominent federal and state clerkships. Their extensive and diverse scholarship covers a broad range of important and timely legal issues.

The Legal Writing Program’s founder and first director, Professor Emeritus Marilyn Walter, and our current Writing Specialist, Professor Elizabeth Fajans, have both won the Association of American Law Schools’ coveted lifetime achievement award for their contributions to the field. Professors Walter and Fajans also co-authored Writing and Analysis in the Law, now in its 6th edition, one of the most widely used first year legal writing textbooks.

Affiliated Faculty
Cameron W. Arnold
Nina Farber
Susan Greene
Eun Hee Han
Joy Kanwar
Noah Kupferberg
Jayne Ressler
Carrie Teitcher
Maria Termini
Marilyn Walter

View video of the Symposium: The Impact of Cognitive Bias on Persuasion and Writing Strategies.

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Jayne Ressler
Associate Professor of Legal Writing,
Interim Director of the Writing Program
250 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: (718) 780-7931