Bologna & Beijing Student Reviews

Bologna & Beijing Student Reviews

Bologna, Italy Summer Program

“I was completely amazed by my time in the 2014 Bologna summer program. As a part-time evening student with a full-time job, I was happy to hear that Brooklyn Law School offers short-term abroad opportunities. Not only was I provided the chance to be submerged in Italian culture, but I was introduced to international legal concepts in my Comparative Corporate Governance and International Commercial Arbitration courses; all within two weeks! The faculty was truly helpful in providing guidance and was also an enthusiastic part of the program. I especially enjoyed my International Commercial Arbitration course as it was taught by two Italian professors. Observing different teaching styles that exist around the world was a treat in and of itself.”
Scott Pegram ‘15

“Attending the Bologna study program was one of my best experiences in law school thus far. Not only do you get credits for the classes you take, but you have lots of time to travel to other cities, enjoy the delicious food and meet a ton of new people.  Additionally, my biggest concern with attending the Bologna program was whether I would still be able to do my summer internship? I quickly found out that would not be an issue because we get back in time to complete a full summer internship. I highly recommend attending this program!”
Arnold Mashiyev ‘16

Beijing Summer Program

“On a professional level, Beijing provided me with a relevant and interesting topic to discuss with contacts, colleagues, and prospective employers. Everyone is interested in the emerging Asian markets, both legal and economic. Having "Asia-experience," even in a limited capacity, certainly made me a more attractive job candidate, and has led to numerous networking opportunities and, more often than not, to interesting conversations.”
Richard Fleming ‘11

“My visit to Beijing was one of the best two weeks of my three-year J.D. program. Not only did I have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China and other sights and be exposed to a great cultural heritage, but many of my misconceptions about China were shattered. I saw capitalism along the streets, the people were friendly and many spoke English, and I learned how Chinese jurisprudence is in the midst of exciting reform. In short, the program provides a terrific and unique opportunity for law students to gain insight into one of the important players on the world stage. Moreover, the program is scheduled so that I was able to return to the states in time to start my summer internship.”  
Tyler Korff ‘12

“Beijing provided a truly unique experience. Not only is it an opportunity to study international law (including Chinese law), it is an opportunity to immerse yourself in Chinese culture. While the former provides an interesting window into the laws of an increasingly important global economy, the latter will give you insight into a fascinating city with, in my opinion, some of the best cuisine in the world. I also appreciated the fact that I was able to return to New York to start my summer job.”
Alex M. Sher ‘12

“The Beijing summer program was very enjoyable and a great experience. It provided a window into Chinese culture, which is unique and expanding in influence. Bargaining for the price of custom suits, watches, and belts at Yashow Market was a highlight of the trip. The night life and exploring with other law students built lasting friendships. Also, the food is incredible! Try the sweet and sour fish, the dumplings, the frog, and the many varieties of duck.”  
Jeddidah M. Bernstein ‘14

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