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Summer 2019 Program in Beijing

Brooklyn Law School - Beijing Summer Program

Thursday, May 16, 2019 – Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Take your Legal Studies Abroad
The Summer Program at the University of International Business and Economics Law School (UIBE) is sponsored by Brooklyn Law School. UIBE’s concentration on a business and commercial law curriculum provides an ideal setting for the program’s international and comparative law focus.

The two-week program will run from May 16 - May 28, 2019 and will offer the following courses:

  • Introduction to International Intellectual Property Law (1 credit)
  • Introduction to Comparative Constitutional Law (1 credit)

International and Comparative Law Program
Students will have the opportunity to study at one of the most respected law schools in China, the University of International Business and Economics Law School (UIBE). Courses are taught by faculty from Brooklyn Law School, with lectures by prominent Chinese legal scholars and lawyers.

Students will study and live in Beijing, one of the world’s oldest cities and the capital of the People’s Republic of China, the world’s fastest growing economy. Beijing is the home of major government offices, including the Supreme People’s Court of China. Many of China’s largest state-owned and privately-held companies, as well as international corporations and law firms, have their headquarters in the city. Beijing is the epicenter of Chinese politics, economics, culture, and education. It is a bustling city with a thriving population of approximately 20 million people.

The setting provides an excellent backdrop for the study of international and comparative business law. It also provides an opportunity for students to witness a legal system and a society that are in the process of re-creating themselves. Guest lectures by distinguished Chinese scholars and practitioners and visits to Chinese legal institutions enrich the China Program experience.

Students will have the opportunity to explore China’s ancient history—the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and other important attractions that exist alongside modern developments such as the iconic Olympic Stadium and the spectacular National Centre for the Performing Arts. Students may choose to spend the weekend between classes visiting other cities, such as Xian or Shanghai.

To find out more about Beijing, view: "Beijing City Guide"

  • Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn, New York, founded in 1901, is fully approved by the American Bar Association through its Council of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar (321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60564-7598, phone 312.988.6738, www.americanbar.org/legaled), and is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The Summer Law Program in Beijing is approved by the American Bar Association. The Law School’s curriculum is registered with and approved by the New York State Education Department.

  • Schedule 
    Tentative Daily Calendar 

    Classrooms and Administrative Offices
    Classes are held in a modern, air-conditioned classroom in the Ning Yuan Building on the UIBE campus. Administrative offices are located in the nearby Haide House.

    Visits to Legal Institutions
    Students will have the opportunity to visit local legal institutions. In past years, we have arranged visits to the Supreme People’s Court of the PRC, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the Silk Road Fund, and Chinese and U.S. law firms.

    Social and Recreational Events
    Social events include a welcome dinner and closing banquet and tours of the Forbidden City, Great Wall and the Pearl Market. In addition, we will arrange for students to attend an acrobatic performance. Cosmopolitan Beijing offers a wide variety of other entertainment options, from opera to night clubs. There are athletic facilities on the UIBE campus.

  • Course Requirements & Academic Credit 
    In order to receive academic credit for a course, students must attend class consistently and complete the final exam for the course. The American Bar Association has strict rules governing class attendance and exam completion in summer study programs. Because of the small number of class meetings, students seeking academic credit for a course may not miss more than one class meeting. Attendance will therefore be taken at the beginning of each class. Exams will be administered on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. Students seeking academic credit should therefore arrange their travel schedules to ensure they are present in Beijing for the duration of the courses in which they are enrolled and to take the on-site exams at the designated times. Students may enroll in one or both of the courses. Students may opt to earn an additional credit in one of the courses by writing a paper in addition to taking the exam. For more information about this option, please see the Curriculum link. The summer program begins with an introduction and welcome dinner on Thursday, May 16, 2019 and all classes start on Friday, May 17, 2019. Students admitted to the program will be required to sign a statement acknowledging that they have received notice of these attendance and exam requirements.

    For students enrolled at Brooklyn Law School, Brooklyn Law School’s grading system governs the Beijing program. For each course taken, credit will be awarded only if a grade of D or better – as defined by Brooklyn Law School -- is received in the course. The units will be awarded on a "pass" basis. Although the course must be taken for a grade and not on a pass/fail or credit/no credit basis, actual letter grades received in the course(s) will not appear on Brooklyn transcripts and will not be used in computing a student’s weighted cumulative grade point average. Enrolling in this summer abroad program does not preclude Brooklyn Law School students from exercising their pass/fail option during the regular academic year.
    Brooklyn students may obtain an official transcript showing their grade for each course from the law school registrar.

    For students enrolled in a law school other than Brooklyn Law School, we will send to the registrar of your own law school an official transcript showing the letter grade you received for each course. In order for us to send this transcript, you must check the appropriate box on the Application Form giving us permission to release your grades to your registrar. We do not send official transcripts directly to students. You should consult with your own law school registrar in advance of the program about the availability of and requirements for receiving transfer credit. Your own registrar will be able to tell you whether transfer credit is available through the program on a Pass/Fail or letter-graded basis.

    Following the completion of the program, all students, regardless of where they attend law school, will receive directly from Brooklyn Law School an unofficial transcript showing the letter grade they received for each course.

  • Health Insurance Requirements
    The Summer Program at the University of Business and Economics does not include health insurance, and Brooklyn Law School assumes no responsibility for students’ medical treatment or expenses during the program. Medical care is available in Beijing; however, students will be required to pay for medical services at the time they are rendered. We will obtain limited accident and sickness coverage for students, but we strongly encourage students to investigate purchasing additional individual coverage. BLS students who are enrolled in the BLS insurance program already have additional coverage that will be effective while they are in China. BLS students who are enrolled in the BLS student insurance program can find more information about their coverage while abroad at www.gallagherkoster.com/BrooklynLaw or by contacting Gallagher Student Health Customer Service at 800-394-5783 or blsstudent@gallagherstudent.com.

    If you are not enrolled in the BLS insurance program, you should consult your insurance carrier to see if your coverage is effective while you are China. If you need to purchase insurance, one option is purchasing low-cost traveler's insurance through the STA Travel website at www.statravel.com or calling 1-800-781-4040. Another option for students who are not residents of New York, Maine, or South Dakota is purchasing medical coverage for a minimum period of one month through www.gallagherstudent.com/studyabroad.

    If you have questions about travel vaccinations, please contact your health care provider. Travelers’ health information is available at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control website.

  • Visas
    In addition to a valid passport, a Chinese Tourist "L" Visa is required to enter and exit China. You should not apply for a student visa. The cost of a Tourist Visa is now $140.

    Visa applications and information can be obtained by Brooklyn Law School students from the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China In New York.

    A Visa Packet with detailed information, instructions, and a sample Visa application form will be sent to accepted students to assist with the visa application process.

    U.S. State Department International Travel Information
    The U.S. State Department website provides important international travel information for U.S. citizens. This includes information regarding travel warnings and alerts, safety and health issues, and emergency situations. Students are strongly encouraged to read the China - Country Specific Information section of the website.

  • Online Application Form.

    A $400 tuition deposit is required with your application.

    We accept online payment by e-Check or credit card:
    E-check allows you to make payment directly from your checking or savings account. There is a non-refundable $2 service fee for using e-Check. If you pay by credit card, there is a non-refundable service fee of 2.74% of the charge. The fees are charged by our processing vendor Official Payments (O-Pay) in a separate transaction.

    You may also mail you deposits to us. Fill out the online application. Make out a check or money order payable to Brooklyn Law School for the $400 to cover the required tuition deposit. The check or money order must be from a U.S. bank in U.S. currency. Please keep in mind that any check, including E-checks, returned by the bank unpaid, for any reason, will result in the imposition of a Returned Check Fee of $50.00. Please send your deposit to us by February 22, 2019. Your application will not be processed until we receive your deposit.

    To complete the application process all students must send the required documents to the Beijing Program Coordinator at the address below:

    Letter of Good Standing. You must be in good standing in order to be accepted into the summer program. If you do not attend Brooklyn Law School, the Dean or Registrar at your school must let us know that you are in good standing.

    A copy of your Passport as soon as you have it.

    Send deposit check and documents to:
    Debra Richards
    Brooklyn Law School
    250 Joralemon Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    718-780-7949 - Telephone
    718-780-0376 - Fax

    If you are a Brooklyn Law School student, you may bring your deposit and passport to Debra outside of room 831.

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