Domestic Violence and the Law

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Elizabeth Schneider

This course will focus on the explosion of legal advocacy efforts for battered women, legislative reforms that have attempted to provide legal remedies for battered women, lawsuits that have led to more responsive police and court practices, and public policy proposals for change. It will examine leal efforts to assist battered women as a case study of evolving conceptions of the family, gender discrimination, the relationship of legal theory to legal practice and the interplay between law and social science. The course will assess the legal and educationalreforms that have been developed to assist battered women and examine the implications of these efforts for the relationship between law "on the books" and law "in action," and the role of law in advancing social change. The course will also look at the problems of battered women as a lens to explore the contributions of jurisprudential movements such as feminist legal theory and law and society to legal reform.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Letter grade with pass/fail option. Final exam.