Clinic - Safe Harbor

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Stacy Caplow, Carmen Maria Rey

Students work in teams to represent individuals in a range of cases affecting their status and entitlements in the United States. Many cases involve applications for asylum, and some involve the immigration status of lawful permanent residents or victims of domestic violence. In most cases students appear either in Immigration Court or before other administrative hearing officers. Students conduct factual investigations concerning their client's history in their native land and their time in the United States. They also conduct in-depth research into the historical, cultural, and political backgrounds of the countries of origin of their clients. Students interview and counsel clients, prepare all of the applications or petitions required by the administrative process of the USCIS, present the claim before an asylum officer or immigration judge, administrative appeals, and, when necessary, seek judicial review in federal court. Seminar Credits: 2.00 Seminar: The clinic includes a 2-credit seminar in which students are taught specific substantive and procedural law, as well as the lawyering skills related to advocacy on behalf of immigrants, and discuss the difficult ethical issues that often arise in these cases.

Enrollment Notes:

Students generally enroll for one semester only, but may be permitted to enroll for a second semester depending on the needs of the clients and their cases.