Mediation Intensive Workshop

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: Halley Anolik

This is a comprehensive 4-day basic mediation training course designed to cover the basic theory, processes, and skills of mediation. Students enrolled in the course will learn about the theory of conflict and conflict management, negotiation theory and practice as it applies to mediation, models of conflict resolution, the ethics of mediation, the role of lawyers in mediation, and the elements and phases of mediation. Students in the course will also practice essential mediator skills such as: how to demonstrate impartiality in mediation, how to actively listen and demonstrate empathy, how to reframe hostile communications, how to structure and manage a mediation session, how to craft and ask effective questions, how to assist the parties in negotiation, and how to draft balanced, accurate and sustainable mediation agreements. The Mediation Intensive will include interactive lectures, group discussions, hands-on-exercises, video demonstrations, and role-plays. The Intensive is 2-credit elective course required of all students enrolled in the Mediation Clinic and open to other students up to a maximum enrollment of 24.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Pass/Fail only. Students graded on in-class assignments.