Advanced Legal Analysis

Credits: 2.00
Faculty: Susan Greene

This course will teach students effective problem solving, legal analysis, and study skills designed to enhance their academic performance in their remaining legal education and to build a strong foundation for bar exam preparation and for the practice of law. Professor Dizon will use results from students' online substantive law diagnostic and skills assessment questionnaire to customize a curriculum that will speak most directly to their areas of need and expose students to valuable techniques and tools for increasing their overall learning efficacy. The course will also use the lens of essay and multiple-choice question environments to teach valuable test performance skills and to encourage students to create the resources and habits that will best position them for exam success. (Students not mandated to enroll in ALA may petition Professor Dizon to enroll in this class.)

Grading and method of evaluation:

Letter grade only. Students' grades will be determined by a combination of three components: (1) assignments in essay writing, multiple choice, and study skills exercises assigned throughout the semester, (2) a closed-book, bar exam-like midterm examination, and (3) a closed-book, bar exam-like final examination.