Immigration Practice Externship

Credits: 3.00

This externship is designed for students who wish to gain experience in immigration law, working at externships in the immigration field for 12 to 14 hours a week. The externship is coupled with a one credit seminar that provides a space for students to reflect on their practice, particularly in light of the current national debate surrounding immigration and immigrant's rights, and to delve deeper in to the history, public policy and ethical landscape surrounding this area of law. The seminar will meet every two weeks for two hours. Students can seek the assistance of Prof. Smulian and the Public Service Law Center to secure their externships or can find their own placements.


Pass/fail only. Seminar Credit: 1.00 There will be a 2-hour seminar every other week which is letter grade only.

Enrollment Notes:

Students may enroll for one semester only