Clinic - Housing Rights

Credits: 3.00
Faculty: Justin R. La Mort

The Housing Rights clinic will provide students with real world experiences representing tenants at local agencies such as the New York City Housing Authority and Housing Court. Students will develop litigation skills from interviewing clients, drafting motions, legal research, as well as oral advocacy, negotiation, and trial preparation. The professors will supervise students who will manage their own case docket onsite at MFY Legal Services for a day and a half each week and the balance of their hours on assignments that may be done remotely. Additional opportunities may arise including community outreach, policy reform, and appellate and federal litigation. Seminar 2 credits: The seminar will focus on the statutory and historical development of landlord-tenant law in New York City and the actions taken by the government in balancing property rights with human rights during the affordable housing crisis. Students will learn city, state, and federal residential real estate law including public housing and rent regulation. The coursework will explore the evolution of housing rights through an intersectional lens of class, race, gender, and sexual orientation. The goal of the course is to provide context and support for the student?s experiences as poverty law attorneys at MFY Legal Services? Housing Rights clinic.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Clinic grade is pass/fail only based on performance. The seminar is letter grade based on performance on quizzes, papers, and in-class simulation.