Litigating an Employment Case

Credits: 2.00

This course will allow students to learn how to litigate an employment law case from its inception "when the client first walks in the door" through dispositive motion practice and settlement. Students will be presented with a hypothetical employment case involving a wage and hour issue and will engage in the following pre-trial activities: drafting the complaint, crafting discovery requests, preparing for and taking a deposition, discovery negotiations with opposing counsel, summary judgment briefing and oral argument, and settlement negotiation. The course will be conducted primarily in a simulated or practice-oriented learning environment in the context of substantive employment law. While learning employment law doctrine, students will practice the following critical lawyering skills:tClient Interviewing and Counseling, litigation/Advocacy Drafting, Alternative Dispute Resolution (Negotiation and Mediation), and Oral Presentation and Argument. Students will role-play various attorney roles (both plaintiff and management-side), as well as research,analyze, and draft litigation documents.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Letter grade only. Students will be graded based on their class participation (which includes small advance assignments), their performance on a summary judgment submission, and an oral argument presentation either at the summary judgment or settlement stage.