Intensive Negotiation Workshop

Credits: 2.00

Increasingly, dispute resolution mechanisms that involve negotiation between parties ("ADR methods") are being used to resolve conflicts that previously were dealt with in court settings. At the same time, the past decade has seen rapid developments in theories underpinning the effective practice of negotiation. As organizations have moved away from command and control management styles to more decentralized decision making, task responsibilities and the allocation of resources within firms are frequently negotiated rather than commanded. Likewise, negotiation is essential in coordinating endeavors across organizations. For these and related reasons, increasingly, skills at negotiation are an essential part of lawyers' skill sets, in many arenas of their practice. It is the goal of this class to make the participants aware of these theoretical advances in ways that will improve their actual negotiating skills. In addition to readings and short lectures on the analytic principles, course participants will engage in increasingly complex negotiations, building their negotiating skills in structured settings. We will develop a set of conceptual frameworks to help participants better analyze negotiations in general and prepare more effectively for future negotiations in which they will be involved.

Enrollment Notes:

Students who are taking or have earned credit for Negotiation Seminar may not enroll in this course.

Grading and Method of Evaluation:

Pass/fail only. Students graded on in-class negotiations and a take-home exam.