The Real World of Law Practice

What's in a Name? In-House, Hybrid In-House, Externships.

The enormous range and variety of programs at Brooklyn Law School is due to our ability to offer programs within the Law School at our Clinic Office – In-House Clinics, to affiliate with law offices, government agencies and non-profits throughout the City – Hybrid In-house Clinics, and to place students in Externships in almost every legal setting imaginable throughout New York City and beyond.

While at Brooklyn Law School, you can take as many as 30 clinical credits. That means a clinic every semester! Check them out below.

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Experience Prof. David Reiss’s Community Development Clinic.

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Clinical Education Program Office
111 Livingston Street
20th Floor
Telephone: (718) 780-7994
Fax: (718) 532-2417
Fax: (718) 532-2418

Mailing Address:
Brooklyn Law School
Clinic Office
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