Practice Makes Perfect

Grammar Workshop
The School offers this workshop to help students learn the fundamentals of composition. Through discussion and exercises, the school's Writing Specialist, Professor Elisabeth Fajans, reviews basic principles of sentence structure, grammar, diction, punctuation, and mechanics. The ability to construct a good sentence is essential for good communication, and the ability to communicate with maximum effectiveness is of very great practical value to a lawyer. For more information about this workshop contact Professor Fajans.

Case Reading, Briefing, and Study Skills Workshop
The Case Briefing Workshop (PDF), taught by the Director of the Academic Success Program, is offered several times during orientation and the first week of the fall semester to all entering students. Students read two short cases and are guided through the process of writing a case brief, including identifying issues, relevant facts, holdings, rules and reasoning, and case synthesis. Students are also introduced to strategies for effective listening, note-taking and time management. Taught by Professor Feldman.

Study Skills and Outlining Workshop
The Study Skills and Outlining Workshop (PDF) provides an introduction to the basics of organizing course material and class notes, outlining and time management, and other important skills for exam preparation. It is open to all first semester students and is offered several times during the first two weeks of October. Taught by Professor Feldman.

Exam Skills Workshop
To help students prepare for course exams, the Director of the Academic Success Program conducts several Exam Skills Workshops (PDF) during the latter part of the fall semester. Students review analytical techniques generally required for successful exam writing. Discussions are aimed at identifying, understanding, and applying these techniques, so that the student can most effectively convey what he or she has learned in a course. Topics covered include issue-spotting in a hypothetical fact pattern, application of the rules of law to pertinent facts, statutory analysis, policy arguments, and reasoning by analogy. The workshops help alleviate test-taking anxiety by giving students a concrete preview of law school exams. Taught by Professor Feldman.

Scholarly Journal Workshop
Under the guidance of the Director of the Academic Success Program, students explore the unique organization and writing requirements of a case comment to prepare for the writing competition based on which students are selected for the staff of Brooklyn Law School’s scholarly publications: Brooklyn Law Review, Brooklyn Journal of International Law, the Journal of Law and Policy and the Journal of Corporate, Financial and Commercial Law. Taught by Professor Feldman.

The Summer Legal Process Class

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