Summer Legal Process

Get a Head Start on Law School

This course gives participating students an introduction to law school. It is currently conducted prior to the start of the fall semester. The Summer Legal Process Course introduces students to case reading, briefing, and legal writing as well as other key study skills such as time management, outlining, resource creation, legal writing. The course also features mock classes from legal writing and doctrinal professors as well as guest speeches from recent alums and upper-division students who are alumnae of Summer Legal Process.

The course is offered to a small number of entering students. Participation is strictly voluntary. The Academic Success program currently offers a full day version of SLP as well as an abbreviated evening version for part-time students.

The summer course is team-taught by members of the full-time faculty, thus exposing the students to several different teaching styles. The course also provides many opportunities for collaboration and creative, thoughtful exploration of different learning methods and techniques. Finally, students take a simulated exam intended to replicate law school final exams, and receive key feedback on their exam performance.

The Summer Legal Process Class

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